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Favorite Taste of Summer: Boiled Corn

Corn, which is boiled on mobile benches or cooked on embers, is one of the most consumed street delicacies by citizens in summer. In summer, boiled and cooked corn is consumed with pleasure on mobile benches set up in crowded streets and streets. In Trabzon, where corn and corn flour consumption is high. Dairy corn is sold at many mobile stalls.

Corn is Coming from Adana

Umit Senturk, who sells corn in the Boztepe region of Ortahisar district, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they sold the corn they brought from Adana, which was harvested earlier, because the corn grown in Trabzon is harvested only in August. We are trying to serve the local people. We make an effort to ensure that the tourists who come here eat delicious corn and enjoy the corn.” Emphasizing that the secret of delicious corn is cooking, Senturk said, “For this, corn needs to be boiled in water for at least 2 hours. to be delicious. The Black Sea corn is very delicious. Taste and aroma are different, corn tastes different from outside. Because the Black Sea Region receives a lot of precipitation. “Because the climate is different, corn grows better here. Corn is already a street food. It is a delicious product that people can taste on the streets, like fish and bread. I recommend everyone to come and eat corn here.” used expressions.

boiled corn

Tourists Love Corn

Mustafa Ihtiyar, who sells in Uzun Sokak, one of the busiest areas of the city, also stated that the business was very good this year and expressed their satisfaction with the shopping of foreign tourists in particular. Noting that Arab tourists love corn, İhtiyar said, “They are shopping more. It looks like we will make up for our sales this year due to the pandemic. I am currently selling Bafra’s corn. Black Sea Region Trabzon residents love corn, it tastes different.” Noting that corn is an important product for the Black Sea, they make bread, soup and use it in making kuymak, İhtiyar said, “It is very healthy. They also boil corn at home from time to time,” Sofuoğlu said, “The Black Sea has a unique corn culture. We love it because we consume it ourselves since childhood.

boiled corn

We’re trying to get kids used to it. It’s both healthy and delicious. It is very healthy compared to other snacks. One taste. We always eat corn when we come to Trabzon. Because it is our own culture, we sometimes look for it.” Zuhal Korkutata, on the other hand, stated that he loves corn and that they consume it with pleasure, “I like boiled corn the most. When I find the corn when the time comes, I will make it at home. Of course, it may not be as delicious and natural as here, but when we make it at home, we satisfy our desire.”

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