Falling in Love

What is falling in love, how does it feel, what is love?

Falling in love is the emotional state in which a small child becomes attached to his or her favorite toy. It is the affection and loyalty of a father for a mother. Falling in love is the feeling of happiness you feel when you eat your favorite food.


Love is the compassion you feel for an animal. Love is not necessarily between two people.Affection is attaching meaning to an object that is special to you and loving it. Whatever you call affection is affection for you.
To fall in affection with a person is to ignore all the flaws of the person you are in affection with. As you get to know that person, they become an ideal type for you. You ignore your old criteria and affection all the qualities that person has. As time passes, as you spend time together, you realize that your behavior, your gestures, the words you use are the same. As time passes, people become what they like. They cannot hurt each other, they cannot spare each other.


Platonic love makes some people happy and others unhappy. Being platonic is very exciting, the slightest eye-to-eye contact, the slightest glance or message makes you very happy, but after a while it feels like a waste of time waiting for a person you know is a hopeless case, so we do not recommend one-sided affection to anyone:)

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