Experts Warned! Death Heat Comes From Europe to Turkey

The extreme heat, defined as the “heat of death”, is coming from Europe towards Turkey. Most of Europe’s forests had been turned to ash by temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Experts recommend not going out at noon unless possible on Fridays.

Daily life has been paralyzed in Europe due to rising temperatures. The claim that thousands of people lost their lives due to heat-related causes made the events even more frightening.

Forest Fires Continue

Forest fires that started in France and Spain cannot be extinguished. Due to the fires that broke out 7 days ago in the Gironde region in the southwest of France, 14 thousand hectares of land turned to ash. At least 4100 people have been evacuated since the fires in the town of Landiras.

Thousands Evacuated


It is stated that the number of evacuees across the Gironde region has reached 14 thousand. In the statement made by the French meteorological institution, it was stated that new fires may occur due to excessive heat and it is very difficult to intervene in the flames. On the other hand, the fight against the forest fire that started three days ago near the city of Mijas in the Andalusia region of Spain continues. In the fire, which caused the evacuation of thousands of people, an area of ​​​​2,000 hectares burned. It was reported that the air temperature in the country reached 47 degrees in places.

Coming Towards Turkey

There are also news about Turkey’s death struggle. According to the allegations, it was stated that the heat started to come to Turkey via Europe and that it would show its effect on Friday. For this reason, it is recommended not to go out at noon unless it is necessary.

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