A Heat Wave is Coming to Turkey! Thermometer Can See 45 Degrees

The heat wave that started in Europe is expected to be felt in Turkey as of Friday. Temperatures in the Aegean are expected to reach 45 degrees. With the arrival of the summer months, the number of forest fires has increased considerably all over the world. It is stated that at least 1000 people died in France, Spain and Portugal due to health problems caused by both fires and extreme heat.

Thermometers Saw 47 Degrees in Portugal

While the thermometers showed 47 degrees in Portugal, forest fires started to show their effect in Western Europe. While thermometers in England showed temperatures over 40 degrees, it was stated that the hottest days in the country’s history were experienced. While experts warn that even healthy people in the country ‘do not go out’, meltdowns on some roads in the country are expected to cause disruptions in transportation.

Extreme Heat

The Met Office’s chief meteorologist, Paul Davies, described the situation in Europe as “extraordinary” and added that the rise in temperature was “fully consistent” with climate change. Davies told Sky News that the weather charts he saw today were ‘astonishing’ and unlike anything he had observed in his 30-year career.

Extreme Heat is Coming to Turkey

The heat wave, which is effective in Europe, is coming to Turkey from tomorrow. Temperatures are expected to increase by 5-10 degrees after rains that continue until mid-July.

Extreme Heat

Temperature Can Rise Up To 45 Degrees

Temperatures are expected to rise to 35 degrees in Marmara and 45 degrees in some provinces in the Aegean. Aegean Region is in danger of forest fire due to the winds. Wind speed will reach 70 kilometers in Izmir, Bodrum, Ayvalik and Cesme.

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