Exceptions of Lockdown for Foreign Tourists in Turkey

With the increasing rate of re-spreading of the Covid-19 outbreak and the so-called second peak period in the epidemic, some new measures were implemented by the Ministry of Interior in Turkey. Lockdown is an important way to challenge with Covid-19. Lockdowns do not include some age groups and individuals. For example, the statement made includes the article that foreign tourists have exceptional situations in the lockdown.

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior announced by the new Covid-19 measures within the scope of tourist activities to temporary foreign tourists in Turkey shall be exempt from the lockdown restrictions will apply on weekends it’s the phrase. In the continuation of this article, we have compiled the curious topics for the implementation of other measures, except for the lockdown for foreign tourists.

New Precautions

According to the new regulation of measures announced by the Ministry, foreign tourists who have a hotel reservation will be able to travel by private vehicle without any permission provided that they document this. Hotel restaurants and accommodation facilities will only serve customers who are staying and will be exempted from other restrictions.

Restaurants and coffee shops at airports will not be included in the scope of the restriction, provided that they only serve passengers and those working in the transportation sector. Shops at the airports will not be subject to the restriction of providing service only between 10.00 and 20.00 hours.

Those who benefit from tour, package tour, accommodation or transfer services provided by domestic and international travel agencies, those who work in intercity public transportation vehicles, and those who document their travel by submitting their ticket, reservation code and the like are considered within the scope of exception. It has been stated that boats and yachts operating for commercial purposes cannot serve food and drinks to customers they take on their boats for pleasure.

Importance of Age Groups

Citizens aged 65 and over will only be able to travel intercity, provided they obtain a travel permit. Young people and children under the age of 20 will be able to travel within the city and intercity without any document, provided that they have a parent / guardian with them. In the event of a face-to-face education decision with the kindergarten, nursery class and practice class students, children in daycare centers will be exempted from the lockdown restrictions for those under the age of 20. They can be taken to nurseries or day care centers.

A special document showing the course schedule will be given by the university administrations to university students under the age of 20 who are studying face to face. Students under the age of 20 who submit this document will be exempted from the lockdown.

Athletes under the age of 20 who certify that they are professional or national athletes will not be subject to lockdown within the scope of their sportive activities. Employees aged 65 and over will be exempted from the lockdown if they submit a document showing their complaints about their workplace.

What are Other Exemptions ?

The citizens who want to feed street animals will be exempt from the lockdown on weekends. Persons who will take the country-wide exams such as KPSS, TOEFL, IELTS will not be subject to lockdown, regardless of age group.

Construction sector workers will also be exempt from the lockdown. Eating and drinking venues in hospitals will not be directly subject to restrictions. The working procedures and principles of these places will be determined in line with the decision of the hospital management.

Patisseries and businesses that produce and sell products such as bagels, pastries and pastries will only be able to sell these products in the form of come and take between 08.00 in the morning and 10.00 in the evening.Market shopkeepers will not be subject to working hours limitation in terms of the supply of products such as vegetables and fruits and their transportation to the market place. It will be able to sell between 10.00 and 20.00 in the market places.

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