Ephesus Ancient City, Izmir

When Selcuk is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Ancient City of Ephesus. The Ancient City of Ephesus, which has survived to the present day despite its historical past, is one of the historical beauties that must be seen. You can easily reach it by vehicles departing from Selcuk. You can enter the Ancient City of Ephesus free of charge with a museum card. Let’s take a look at the historical artifacts you will see in the Ancient City of Ephesus one by one.

Double Church: The Double Church, which has existed for hundreds of years, is located in the Ancient City of Ephesus. This work, which was built in the 2nd century AD during the Roman Period, will be seen in the ancient city with its fascinating beauty.


Hadrian’s Temple: It is located in the acropolis section of the ancient city of Ephesus. The temple built for Emperor Hadrian is one of the works that attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists.

Trajan’s Fountain: It is one of the most important works of the Ancient City of Ephesus. Trajan’s fountain, located in front of Hadrian’s Temple, creates a wonderful view with its two-storey structure. There is a Trajan statue in the flowing part of the fountain, which has a large pool. This fountain, which is a magnificent work, creates an impressive beauty with its deep history.

St. John’s Church: The most magnificent structure of Ephesus Ancient City, St. John’s Church is one of the important ruins of the Byzantine period. During your visit to the ancient city of Ephesus, the magnificent view of this church will be among the works that impress you. In addition, the Church of the Virgin Mary, the theater section, the Celsus Library, the Temple of Domitianus, the baths, toilets and magnificent gates in the ancient city are among other works that will attract your attention. It is one of the places that will attract your attention with the story of the seven sleepers cave in the ancient city of Ephesus. If you want to have a pleasant historical trip, you should definitely visit the ancient city of Ephesus.

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