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E-Commerce Site Scammers You Need to Watch Out For To Not Lose Your Money

How can we understand these scammers who can appear with various ads on e-commerce sites? Here are the articles of Sour Dictionary authors who have experience in this regard that should be paid attention to.

They Are Wrapped in Rental Furnished House Ads in Istanbul

They advertise houses whose belongings look clean and at prices that can be considered normal according to the Jul-de-sac. His arguments are classic: I am out of town, I will come to Istanbul this day, I can show that day. As a matter of fact, because there is a lot of demand, someone necessarily believes that the house is really there and falls into a trap by sending a deposit so that no one else is promised. Even whatsapp photos are beautifully edited to be believable.

When the interview day comes, our cheating brothers turn off the phones and become land. the more they Decapitate between 500-1000, they get away with it.

We also lost money to these friends. Last week. My brother, whom we were looking for a house, was also overwhelmed by the houses he had been looking at for two weeks, and we had never guessed it because it hadn’t happened to us before. As a result, we sent money to someone we only know from the bank receipt, and the phone of the friend to whom we sent money has not been accessible since a day after the sending date 🙂

The interesting thing is, someone we’re almost sure is these guys, they’ve posted a similar house ad again today. I called for a mouth roll and it’s the same story again. Out of town, etc.


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