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E-Commerce Company Establishment in Turkey

E-commerce, which has become one of the most popular sectors of the last decade; creates a highly functional area for both users and sellers. This structure, which allows products and services to be sold on digital platforms; It stands out with its logistics advantages, user experience-oriented sales policies, and communication opportunities that create ease of interaction.

Turkey provides conveniences for e-commerce entrepreneurs who have become a part of the entire production and sales sector, from small-scale personal ventures to international companies. E-commerce companies, which can be established at much lower costs compared to traditional methods, not only provide products and services to consumers, but also offer opportunities to sellers.

The answer to the question “How to set up an e-commerce company?”, which has become so widespread and promises great advantages, is actually quite simple. At this point, it is possible to get support from experts and take the first steps for the establishment of an individual or corporate e-commerce company with package programs.

E-Commerce company in Turkey

There are some steps to follow to set up an e-commerce company. When these steps are carried out in a planned and correct manner, it is possible to enable the company to enter service in a short time. It is possible to list all the stages of the e-commerce company establishment process as follows:

  • Determining the sector or area where trade will be carried out,
  • Determining the suitability of the industry for e-commerce,
  • Preparing the products or services to be sold,
  • Preparation of technical infrastructure and design of the e-commerce site,
  • Positioning of product or service groups on the site,
  • Completion of logistics formation, making necessary agreement,
  • Making agreements with payment providers,
  • Establishment of e-commerce company.

The answer to the question of how to establish an e-commerce company in Turkey is actually similar to the steps of establishing a traditional company. In order to serve in the field of trade, it is important to enter a sector first and to have information about the way that sector works. When it comes to e-commerce, knowing not only the industry but also digital technologies and sales techniques is a necessary factor for success. Thus, it is possible to create a mechanism that can follow the innovations in the market and carry out electronic commerce activities systematically.

Another pillar of the process is the provision of logistics and financial systems. As it is known, the most distinctive and advantageous features of e-commerce companies include remote payment options and delivery of products by courier. For the newly established company, this issue is very important even at the planning stage. Creating a logistics infrastructure in line with the characteristics and dimensions of the products is an extremely sensitive issue for the smooth running of trade activities.

Using a secure and functional payment provider together with logistics infrastructure is one of the prerequisites for efficiency for e-commerce companies. International systems that secure user information such as 3D Secure and VeriSign are among the payment providers that can be used in e-commerce platforms at this stage.

When the processes related to products and infrastructure are completed, only the technical part remains to create the e-commerce platform. This section covers steps such as preparing and designing the website, opening social media accounts, activating the platform in store applications on social media channels. At this stage, getting support from expert consultants is a very effective choice for delivering the entire infrastructure to consumers perfectly. The next process includes obtaining legal permissions and the official start of activities.

E-commerce Company Establishment Procedures

E-Commerce Company Establishment in Turkey

To establish an e-commerce company, it is sufficient to perform the usual company establishment processes. However, at this stage, office address notification, which is a necessity for establishing an individual, limited or joint stock company, may cause costs to increase. If there is a field that you can show as your office address, you can perform the e-commerce company establishment transactions as a common company or a capital company. At this point, an establishment period of 1 day for ordinary companies and 5-7 days for capital companies is foreseen.

Another effective method that can be preferred when creating a company for an e-commerce platform is to establish a virtual office company. Virtual office provides a great advantage especially for freelance and home office workers. At this stage, e-commerce company establishment processes are shortened considerably and the costs associated with the establishment are greatly reduced. In order to establish a virtual office company, it is sufficient to agree with companies that provide virtual offices and to show the virtual office address as the address of the e-commerce company to be opened within the scope of the agreement. The virtual office provider company allocates an address and a secretary to the e-commerce company, helping to streamline tax office procedures. For a completely legal virtual office company, the owner of the company does not need to go to much trouble. After the agreement, the relevant company completes all the procedures related to the establishment of the company and presents it to you. In this way, your e-commerce company can start its activities in a short time with low cost and less effort in return for reasonable monthly fees.

Establishment Costs

E-commerce Company Establishment Costs

If you have decided to establish an e-commerce company, you need to know that you have to sacrifice some costs. However, establishing an e-commerce company is a process that can be carried out with much lower costs than entering commerce in the traditional sense.

Especially the virtual office options offered to you show the feature of being extremely affordable with a very small monthly rental fee. In the beginning, the capital you spend for the goods subject to e-commerce and the costs you have to take for the web design processes come to the fore in the establishment of an e-commerce company. In addition, the establishment of the logistics infrastructure and cooperation with payment providers constitute a part of the costs. After the e-commerce platform is activated, it is important to create a budget for promotion and marketing activities.

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Issues such as the publication of advertisements on online platforms and the production of viral content are among the factors that have positive effects on the efficient performance of the e-commerce company. In addition, the production of platform content and the maintenance of activities to keep the platform up-to-date are some of the post-establishment costs of the e-commerce company.

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