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Dreams Come True: This News Will Warm Your Heart “Fountain of Treats”

Drinks pouring from the fountain, a fantastic icon used in movies for years, finally came true. In the public domain, completely free of charge. The name of this system is ‘the catering fountain‘.

A charitable citizen built a catering fountain in Isikeli Village of Canakkale‘s Biga district. Hot soup flows from the fountain of the catering fountain every Friday, and as the weather warms up, ayran and cranberry compote will start flowing from the fountain.

Village Headman Emin Aktas, who made a statement about the catering fountain, said, “There are 147 people living in our village. Our village is an airy, joyful village, and guests are always welcome. We have taken initiatives to build a catering fountain in our village. A benefactor of our brother paid his fee. We have followed him, and we will continue to be. Soup flows from the basin of our catering fountain. Our guests take their soup after leaving the mosque on Friday. From now on, we will have treats in our village every Friday. As long as we are alive here, the treats will continue to flow from our catering fountain. After that, since the weather is hot, we will serve ayran and cranberry compote. Sherbet, milk and ayran will also flow from our catering fountain.”

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