Dogukan Manco Made His Own Car! Surprised Bystanders

Dogukan Manco, son of Baris Manco, one of Turkey’s leading artists, built his own car. Those who saw the vehicle were stunned.

DJ and producer Dogukan Manco decided to make the vehicle himself, as the vehicle he had dreamed of for a long time could not come to Turkey. Manco made his own car after 3 years of work. Here is that car…

Known for his fondness for the automobile, Doğukan Manço decided to build the vehicle himself, as the vehicle he had dreamed of for years could not come to Turkey.

Dogukan Manco

Working for 3 Years

Doğukan Manco worked with Paul Walker for 3 years in Fast and Furious 2 to build the world-famous Skyline GTR R34. He started to assemble another vehicle, which he had dreamed of since his childhood, by bringing parts from all over the world when it entered the tender at the customs in 2018.

Pieces were brought from all over the world

Doğukan Manço, who recorded every step while creating the vehicle, brought parts from America, England, Netherlands, Russia, Dubai, Japan and China for the vehicle he made with his own hands.

Dogukan Manco
Dogukan Manco

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