Do not become a stranger: Commonly Used Turkish Idioms in Daily Life

Turkish is a quite rich language in idioms and proverbs. Turkish public also used these idioms in daily life very frequently. Therefore, the diversity of Turkish idioms you will hear in streets, buses, cafes in Turkey, briefly, social areas can surprise you.

In addition, Turkish public acts very warmly to foreign nationals, tries to teach them Turkish idioms and words friendly. In other words, you already learn many idioms in the period you will live in Turkey. However, in this writing, we will give place to some idioms and expressions which are frequently encountered in Turkish and will simplify your work a little more.

Enjoy your new…

Expression “enjoy your new…” can be expressed to celebrate hero of incident following an incident and to hope that this incident leads to good results.

To the persons who purchase new house, get a job, buy new goods, “enjoy your new…” is said, it is wished that this new development bring good results.

Have a Nice Working Day

In general, after shopping from any place, “have a nice working day” is told to shop owner. Have a nice working day means to wish abundant earning and customer to shop owner. Besides, “have a nice working day” may also be said after entering into shop and saying hello.

More power to your elbow

Expression “more power to your elbow” is said when a person who engages in a work is seen. It has the meaning to hope that work done does not tire person, work comes naturally to that person. Saying “more power to your elbow” to any student who study hard, a gardener who prunes trees, a person who carry heavy load is a good gesture. When you tell such word to a person you encounter, he/she will be pleased.

Enjoy Your Meal

“Enjoy your meal” may be said to anyone after of before he/she eats. This expression means to hope that meal becomes beneficial to person eating. For example, either after waiter brings your meals or after meal in restaurant, he will say “enjoy your meal”. When it is thanked to the person who says enjoy your meal and so mutual exchange of good intention is made, a friendly environment takes place.

Never Mind

In general, expression “never mind” is used to look at a negative situation from a positive perspective. For instance, the person who fails to get a good grade from an exam in spite of studying much says “never mind”.

In other words, if person could not achieve the success he/she desires despite doing his/her best, he/she uses the expression “never mind”. As long as person enjoys good health, everything is recoverable, but health problem is experienced, nothing matters. Never mind is an expression which is frequently used to explain this situation.

Good Health to You

“Good health to you” which resembles to the expression “never mind” very much is generally said to men who have their hair and beard cut. Mostly pronounced as “enjoy your new haircut”.

Get Well

“Get well” is said to the people who have a bad experience after incident. It is used to show gratefulness felt that incident has not caused larger or worse results. A person who have had a minor accident,  the one whose leg is broken following falling from stairs, the one with whom you meet after a long travel, “get well” is  told.

It is my treat

Turkish people are very hospitable. You frequently hear the word “it is my treat” from Turkish people who likes ordering food, beverage to their guests.

Even when you also hear the expression “your money is no good here”, do not surprise. Of course, your money is also good, but the person who wants you not spend money in that place pays all account. Therefore if you hear such expression form one of your Turkish friends, know you are loved and valued.

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