District culture that you need to know before living in Turkey

Every country has its own systems of urbanizing and structuring. When we look at idiosyncrasy of Turkey, the smallest society is districts. The history of districts, which are governed by mukhtar, based on very old times.

The first district organization showed up in Ottoman period. There are many different types of districts because people want to live together in safety.

District system that has been existed for ages makes its own cultural features. Inhabitants of  district obey these rules that are not written. Family structure and district structure resemble each other.

The safety of district is significant. So there isn’t so much foreigner in districts on behalf of preventing all the threats. If a person isn’t seen in the district normally but he offends the eyes lately, the inhabitants of districts will look at him suspiciously. It is determined the situation of what he wants and what he is waiting for.

Cooperation and cohesiveness

Districts are the symbol of cooperation and cohesiveness. Everybody knows each other, and they move together against any events in Turkish districts. If one of the inhabitants is in financial difficulties,  all the inhabitants supports him. It is provided to be saved him from these difficulties.

There is a “older brother and siblings culture” in many districts of  Anotolia and big cities. The younger ones respect to older ones. Even if there is one age difference between two people, the younger one call ” abi “, which means older brother in Turkish, to older ones. Esteem is one of the significant factors in districts.

The essential points of Turkish district culture

The control always is in the hand of inhabitants.All the inhabitants come together and the safety of district is provided.

There is a huge competitions between districts. Every person is responsible for his own district. The inhibitant of a distict cannot intervene with the inhibitant of other distinct. If there is a problem between the inhibatants of these districts, these problems occured from 2 people and it is held responsible for all districts. There are emotions of belonging and protections in district cultures. So, admitting a new person is challenging. Inhabitants try to understand who he is by following him.

There are many different types of district structures

There are districts which are called as “ getto”, and entering in these districts and exiting from these districts are challenging. In addition that, there are also Ottoman districts and modern districts.  Getto districts are in the out of cities when Ottoman districts are in provinces such as İstanbul, Edirne and Bursa. Especially, there are Ottoman districts on historical peninsula in İstanbul.

The living value of Turkey: Districts

Increasing of city-states, residences and seperated houses causes to disappear district culltures gradually. Different system is occured, and topography of districts is spoiled especially with urban transformations.

Turkish district culture is mentioned in movies, series and fictional stories. Turkish district series break ratings record, and they contribute to revive of Turkish culture. Ekmek teknesi, Mahallenin Muhtarları, Geniş Aile, Perihan Abla, 7 Numara are the Turkish series that represent Turkish culture and structure.

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