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Dilek Peninsula is one of the cleanest coast of Turkey. Sea meadows, which are an indicator that the sea is clean, are found around the peninsula. The coast also constitutes a natural habitat for Mediterranean Monk Seals, one of Europe’s rarest mammal species. The peninsula is the last point where the Anatolian Leopard, which is supposed to be extinct, lives in the west. It has been determined that approximately 250 bird species live in the delta, which has 95 families and 30 endemic species, and 70 species of them breed. Although the peninsula is located in the Mediterranean flora region, there are also a significant number of European-Siberian group species. In the Büyük Menderes Delta section, angling and bird watching are carried out for sportive purposes. Cultural tours are organized to Panionion, Zeus Cave, the historical Old Doğanbey Village (Domatia), which is an open-air museum that exhibits the best examples of Greek and Turkish architecture, the ancient city of Tebai in the Old Winery area, and the ancient cities of Priene and Milet near the National Park. In the National Park, where visitors flock throughout the year to take advantage of its clean sea and lush forests, there are also diving, jeep safari, horse safari and botanical tours on the 2 km track between Kavaklıburun-Karasu Bays, and nature walks between Canyon-EskiDoğanbey villages. Due to the fact that Dilek Peninsula National Park is intertwined with nature, it is also possible to do many nature sports here. Climbing, jogging, trekking are some of the sports that can be done here.There are also many beautiful bays in the National Park. If you wish, you can swim in these bays or take boat tours. Those interested in diving can also dive here. There are 4 bays here. These; Bright Bay, İçmeler Bay, Karasu Bay and Kavaklı Burun Bay. You can also take amazing nature photos here. Because it is a wonder of nature, it attracts a lot of attention by people.

How to Get to Dilek Peninsula National Park?

Dilek Peninsula National Park is connected to Kuşadası district of Aydın, which is located in the Aegean Region of our country. Here you can go to Güzelçamlı Town and visit Dilek Peninsula National Park. You can go to Dilek Peninsula National Park by public transport or your private vehicle. To go by public transport, you need to take the minibuses from the city center to Kuşadası or Söke. Those who will go by private vehicle should first come to Aydın and follow the signs to Kuşadası from here. After Kuşadası, You should go towards Davutlar town. You can go to Dilek Peninsula National Park by following the signs from here.

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