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Creepy words from 3-year-old boy: A long time ago I had another family/Reincarnation

Comedian and podcaster Dan Schreiber, who shared on social media what a follower told him, said of the 3-year-old, “Daddy, I had another family a long time ago. My mother’s name was Sochi. She gave me her name. So Anke. Now I am here and you are here.”

The share of Dan Schreiber, a well-known comedian and podcaster in England, from his social media account, astonished the readers. Sharing with his followers what a follower’s 3-year-old son said to his father before going to bed at night, Schreiber stated that the family was focusing on the possibility of reincarnation.


Schreiber used the following expressions in his post: “A follower told me what his son said while he was going to bed at night. The boy told his father that his mother is Sochi and his name is Anke. He talked about his family. He said that he lives with his new family, past and present.”



After Schreiber’s sharing, a discussion on the subject started on social media. According to the news of Barış Yahya Çinçin from, although some users stated that reincarnation would not be possible, some users stated that they had encountered similar situations before.


Reincarnation or transmigration is the name given to this event by spiritualists who believe that the soul is constantly reincarnated. The concept of reincarnation is similar though slightly different from the concept of reincarnation in Asian religions. Today, the number of believers in transmigration exceeds one billion.


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