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Could Artificial Intelligence Make It Possible to Talk to Animals?

Could Artificial Intelligence Make It Possible to Talk to Animals?

Do you know that artificial intelligence has the potential to communicate with humans and other animals in the future? Here are the details!

Two Israeli neurobiologists have written a paper on a remarkable topic: The potential for artificial intelligence to communicate with humans and other animals in the future. Yossi Yovel and Oded Rechavi from Tel Aviv University also point to the challenges of communication between humans and animals.

According to the paper, three major obstacles must be overcome before humans can communicate with animals through artificial intelligence. To overcome these obstacles, a revolutionary language model needs to be developed.

Artificial Intelligence

Can Scientists Make Animal Speech Possible?

First, this language model must use the animal’s own communication signals. Animals need to respond to human commands without having to learn new signals. Scientists have known for many years how animals behave during courtship or threats. But the AI must be able to evaluate these signals in different behavioral contexts and diversify them to establish real communication, which is the second major challenge.

The third hurdle is for the machine to naturally appeal to animals and produce realistic responses. This has been particularly instilled in honeybees. A group of scientists have developed miniature robots that mimic bees doing a waggle dance to signal the location of food to their colony. However, a machine capable of asking a bee what it feels or wants has not yet been developed.

Artificial Intelligence

But according to two neurobiologists, even if these challenges are overcome, real communication between humans and animals may not be possible. Although in some cases, an algorithm may in the future try to understand the emotional state of pets, fully understanding the emotions and thoughts of animals is a highly complex process.

The scientific world is still working on this interesting topic. Although it may seem difficult to establish real communication at this point, the potential for closer interaction with animals may increase as technology advances.

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