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Artificial Intelligence Suggesting Recipes to Customers Has Gone Wild!

Artificial Intelligence Suggesting Recipes to Customers Has Gone Wild!

An artificial intelligence that suggests recipes to customers in line with their preferences started to give deadly recipes. Here are the details!

An artificial intelligence-powered system used for meal planning at New Zealand’s Pak’n Save Savey supermarket has come under scrutiny for suggesting dangerous ingredients in its recipes.

Designed to help customers come up with innovative meal ideas using existing kitchen ingredients, the AI began suggesting hazardous ingredients that were far from edible.

Initially intended to suggest creative ways to utilise leftovers and fridge contents, the AI’s suggestions deviated from this purpose. Instead of combining existing ingredients, artificial intelligence began to suggest combinations containing deadly ingredients.

Artificial Intelligence Suggesting Recipes

What Happened to the Artificial Intelligence Suggesting Recipes?

According to The Guardian, artificial intelligence produced a series of unusual recipes such as “stir-frying Oreos and vegetables”, and users began to encounter more and more interesting recipes every day.

One user came up with an alarming suggestion called “aromatic water mix”, a dangerous mixture of bleach, ammonia and water. Another recipe suggested mixing rice with bleach, and furthermore, the AI was observed suggesting a recipe involving potatoes, carrots, onions and human flesh.

Officials at Pak’n Save Savey supermarket blamed the customer, saying: “We are disappointed to see a small minority of people trying to use the tool inappropriately and outside of its intended purpose.”

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