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Conditions of Acquiring Turkey Citizenship by Investment 13.05.2022

Update 12.05.2022 For the Turkish Citizenship by Investment, the minimum real estate value for Turkish Citizenship was increased from $250,000 to $400,000. Moreover; A foreigner can apply for Turkish Citizenship if he deposits $500,000 or its equivalent in the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency system. Official Gazette Publication: 400.000 Dollars Citizenship Official Gazette

Turkey is one of the leading countries of the world with developing conditions and young population. With more than 80 million population and higher rate of younger population, Turkey is attracting the interest of many foreign investors from different countries of the world at the last years. Turkey is an emerging economy and an important destination for entrepreneurs. Look at the branches of science that one out of every five students in Turkey, when many people learned that Turkey has a well-trained workforce and that many investors were very impressed. More than half of the population is under the age of 30, so there is a huge talent pool in Turkey. Turkey contains all the materials needed for innovation. When she gets the opportunity to have a venture in Turkey, we think the power of the angel investment ecosystem will further increase. The interest for Turkey citizenship is increasing day by day, so there are a lot of reasons to apply for the citizenship by foreigners in Turkey.

Why Turkey ?

The world see it as a great market to invest in Turkey, where the main reason for our presence at this. The Turkish enterprise ecosystem will have much more successful results if it has the chance to promote itself in the global markets. As a general concept, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by two different ways in Turkey. The main ways are Turkish citizenship by birth and Turkish citizenship by investment and providing other conditions.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Birth

Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is acquired on the basis of genealogy or birth place. Citizenship earned by birth shall be effected from the moment of birth.

  • A child born in Turkey or abroad Turkish citizens of Turkish citizens in the unity of marriage the mother or father.
  • A Turkish citizen is a Turkish citizen born outside the marriage union of a Turkish citizen and a foreign father.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Authority Decisions

Update 13.04.2022

The minimum value increased to $400.000 to gain Turkish citizenship by investment.


The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the competent authority decision, adoption or use of the right to choose the right. At the last years, gaining Turkish citizenship has been possible with investment for different values.  According to latest regulation which announced in April 2022 the minimum value increased to $400.000 to gain Turkish Citizenhsip by investment. The other conditions are $ 500.000 investment for founding/buying a company, employing 50 Turkish personnel or deposit $ 500.000 to the state investment instruments. The previous amounts were 2 million USD for fixed capital investment, 1 million USD for property investment and 3 million USD for state investment instruments. Also, the previous condition was employing 100 Turkish personnel for acquiring Turkish citizenship.

As a final word, with the new Turkish citizenship programme, acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment and different ways has become easier when we compare with the previous times. Because a foreigner who makes a $ 400.000 investment can apply for the citizenship. The high-income Middle Easterners are interested in implementing the idea that both the amount is low and the Islamic lifestyle. The most demand comes from Iran and Iraq. Countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, such as countries are followed.

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