Conditions for taking Graduate Study in Turkey

Increase of trained population and rise of education level have decreased importance of university diplomas in competition at real sector. Now, having graduate diplomas rather than undergraduate diplomas is more important for Professional competency.

Admission conditions to graduate programs show difference for each university. In addition to differences exist between universities, preparation of different certificates and making transactions are needed for entrance to graduate programs among foreign and Turkish students.

Undergraduate and graduate studies of Turkey are pretty preferred by foreign students in recent years. Increase of education quality, increasing trend for job possibilities and going better of life conditions every passing day are main reasons for these preferences. Terms for receiving graduate study in Turkey are also as follows;

Certificates Requested from Foreign Students to take Graduate Study in Turkey

  • Copy of identity information found on passport or identity card which is issued by the country of which foreign students are citizen
  • Consent declaration filled and signed completely
  • Equivalency Application Form filled out and signed completely
  • For foreign students who have completed their undergraduate study in Turkey, original copy or the copy certified by alma mater, notary, foreign representatives of   undergraduate diploma
  • For the students who finish their undergraduate study abroad, original copy or the copy certified and translated into Turkish by Foreign Representatives of Turkey.
  • Transcript approved and translated into Turkish which shows course hours, credits and credit grades of all coursed taken during undergraduate study.
  • Original copy of the copy certified and translated into Turkish of “Diploma Supplement” which is taken from European Union member countries
  • For students having dual citizenship, the certificate to prove living in the country studied during undergraduate education and the copy of processed chapter showing arrival-departure dates on passports

Diploma Equivalency Regulation for Foreign Students

One of the conditions for foreign students to take graduate study in Turkey is make application for diploma equivalency or diploma recognition. In order to lodge a diploma equivalency application, apart from the certificated mentioned above,    the following conditions should also be met;

  • Certificating the applications made to work so as to be employed in Turkey
  • Certificating the applications made to acquire citizenship of Republic of Turkey
  • Certificating approved contracts of the foreign academicians who work within any higher education institution
  • For those who are involved in research & development projects conducted by public institutions and organizations, to join international programs or European Union Framework Programs, certificating these working areas.

Foreign students should fulfil the conditions above precisely to make undergraduate study in Turkey. Otherwise, their application processes start over and loss of year may be experienced.

Application Conditions for Master’s Degree and Requested Certificates

As to Turkish students who want to take master degree, conditions are a little different. Therefore, the students who  acquire Turkish citizenship later should follow a different process.

The first condition sought to take master degree is to have undergraduate diploma. Interim certificate of graduation is not accepted and term of undergraduate diploma is asked for.

Different grade point averages are asked according to graduate programs.  Ensuring this grade point average and receiving at least 55 from ALES exam are essential. Grade types of graduate programs show difference between 55- 100. No ALES conditions is   sought for  graduate programs without thesis too.

Original copy or notarized copy of undergraduate diploma, original copy or notarized copy of transcript and reference letter should be present in application file definitely.

Each university possess its own graduate application form and admission regulation. You can easily access these forms, detailed information on graduate programs over official internet sites of universities.

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