Complaints From Women About Marriage

Complaints From Women About Marriage

Many of the women who have problems in their marriage and apply to a therapist are united in similar complaints. What do women complain about most in marriage? Here are 4 marriage problems that therapists talk about…

Research shows that many married couples have trouble resolving their problems before seeking help from a therapist. Going to therapy isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, the average length of time to go to marital therapy ranges from four to seven years.

When couples aiming to save their marriages go to therapy, the issues that men and women complain about differ.

According to a recent study examining the causes and effectiveness of marriage counseling, women are more likely to worry about sexual intimacy, child-rearing and jealousy than their partners.

Both men and women cite lack of emotional intimacy, lack of communication, loss of trust, and stress outside of the relationship as factors that push them to seek marriage counselling. As a result, marital therapy can work in most cases. Of course, if both spouses are determined to achieve this… It starts with the willingness of the parties to understand their spouse’s point of view.

So, what do women complain about most in marriage? Here are the complaint titles that women shared with their therapists…

“Our marriage is stale and boring”

We know that everything in the universe is in constant motion and change is absolute. Still, many people seem to have embraced the idea that the deal was signed when they got married. The main concern expressed by married women is that their marriage is losing its freshness and their spouses do not want to do anything about it. However, any relationship needs energy and freshness to survive.

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“Our sex life does not satisfy my needs and desires”

The most common reason that makes married women unhappy is sexual incompatibility. Women feel that their partners do not understand them and do not care about their sexual pleasures. The subject of this complaint; What drives them include what they enjoy most during sex, exciting foreplay, knowing and enjoying their erogenous body parts.

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“I feel like my husband is ignoring me”

Many unhappy married women who go to the therapist blame their husbands. Women report that their husbands work more, drink more when they come home, spend more time outside with their friends or watch endless sports competitions. The most common complaint of unhappy partners in therapy is how “lonely”, “abandoned” or even “lost” they feel and their anger rises as a result.

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“My Husband Doesn’t Know Me”

One of the most common complaints women complain about is that their husbands do not know them well enough. Women say their husbands don’t sit across from them to really listen to them, and they may seem like they’re not there; He says he couldn’t notice their distressed and happy state. With this feeling of being unnoticed, partners begin to feel underestimated or undervalued over time, which strains the very fabric of their relationship. The result can be reflected as the loss of interest of the woman in her husband.

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