Cine Public Hospital

Cine Public Hospital

Çine is a district of Aydın province in the Aegean Region. The former name of the district was Kıroba. After Eskiçine lost its importance, its name was changed to Çine as a result of the development of settlement and population in the village named “Kıroba” exceeding Eskiçine.

This beautiful valley and the Çine Stream flowing through, it have been the subject of the legend of Marsyas in mythology. The legend goes like this: While the goddess Athena wandered around the edge of the stream flowing through this valley and played her pipe, she saw that her cheeks were swollen in the water. She found it ugly and threw it away. Marsyas, who found the jug, started to play so well in time that his reputation was everywhere. He became opposed to the God Apollo, who saw himself as unrivaled in music. Apollon invited Marsyas to the competition. King Midas was also a referee. Marsyas was declared defeated even though he played the pipe better, but could not overcome his jealousy, Apollon had Marsyas skinned and turned Midas’ ears into donkey ears. But later he regretted doing it and turned Marsyas’ body into a river. This is how the ancient name Marsyas, today’s Çine Stream, was formed.


The hospital started to serve as a 10-bed health center in 1954. In 1977, it was converted into the 25-bed Çine Public Hospital. Due to the insufficiency of the main building of the hospital, additional buildings and polyclinic, dental, x-ray, laboratory, dining hall and kitchen and administration units were established in the hospital garden. In 1989, the foundation of the 50-bed hospital building was laid in the hospital garden, due to the insufficiency of existing buildings for today’s conditions. In the same year, the foundation of an additional building with emergency, intensive care and dialysis units was laid in the hospital building, which was completed and put into service in 2005, and this building was put into service in 2008. Çine Public Hospital personnels work to provide the best health service to the people. The aim is to solve the health problems of the people in Çine Public Hospital. The hospital has 23 specialist physicians, 8 general practitioners, 5 dentists, 45 nurses, 15 midwives, 8 laboratory technicians, 9 x-ray technicians, 5 anesthesia technicians. It has 230 employees, including permanent workers. In the hospital, hemodialysis treatment is given to 45 patients with 14 hemodialysis devices. The clinic, which has a capacity of 56 patients, has come into service in the new building. The hospital brings hemodialysis patients from their homes or villages to the hospital with a private vehicle and leave them to their homes after treatment. There is a polyclinic for every physician in the hospital, and the patients can be treated by using their right to choose a physician.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Internal Medicine Polyclinic

Chest Diseases Polyclinic

Cardiology Outpatient Clinic

Child Health and Diseases Polyclinic

Neurology Outpatient Clinic

General Surgery Policlinic,

Infectious Diseases Polyclinic

Orthopedics and Traumatology Policlinic

Gynecology and Obstetrics Policlinic

Eye Polyclinic

Urology Polyclinic

EKO + Effort Ekg Polyclinic

Otorhinolaryngology Polyclinic

Physical Therapy Polyclinic

Mental Health Polyclinic


You can reach the hospital by using bus lines.

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