China’s Starlink Rival: First Satellites Ready to Launch

China’s Starlink Rival: First Satellites Ready to Launch

The first satellites capable of broadcasting broadband as part of the Chinese space program are ready to be launched. Details are here!

Founded by Elon Musk, Starlink gained thousands of subscribers in a short time and pioneered a brand new era in satellite internet. A project that can rival Starlink came from China.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is preparing to put its first broadband broadcast mini-satellites into orbit in the second half of 2023, along with the Long March 5B rocket.

13,000 satellites will be placed in orbit

The initial aim of the project was to develop a local alternative to Starlink and similar western satellite communications companies. In this context, the work carried out with the Chinese Space Agency has reached the final stage. The 13,000 satellites, which are planned to be put into orbit in the second half of 2023, will be available for both military and civilian activities in 2023.

Starlink Rival

Elon Musk, who allowed Starlink to be used in favor of Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia war, received a great reaction from China. Some Chinese officials have even said that Elon Musk should have the right to bring down his satellites.

It is thought that the planned satellite network will provide an extra advantage to China, which is condemned to use intercontinental wired communication networks like all other states. It is claimed that the system will also be used for military purposes, including earth and space.

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