Spectacular shots from the International Space Station: NASA Astronaut Makes Art in Space!

Spectacular shots from the International Space Station: NASA Astronaut Makes Art in Space!

NASA astronaut Matthew Dominick shares stunning images with creative photography techniques on the ISS. Here are the details!

NASA astronaut Matthew Dominick launched to the International Space Station (ISS) in March as commander of the SpaceX Crew-8 mission. During his time aboard the ISS, Dominick has shared amazing photos from both inside and outside the station.

Photo enthusiasts will appreciate that he also shared the camera settings he used for each shot.

NASA Astronaut Takes Creative Photography on the ISS

One of Dominick’s recent posts is a real beauty, showing the moon appearing above the Earth just before sunrise.

In this creative image from inside the ISS module, Dominick experiments with flash using a light painting technique. In this series, he shows how different shutter speeds can affect how the Earth appears in an image.

For example, one of the night photos from the ISS shows an impressive view of the Nile River stretching out into the Mediterranean Sea.

Another photo shows an astronaut looking out the window of a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft docked to the ISS. Dominick also experiments with time-lapse videos, which you can watch below.

In one photo, he places the camera on a monopod and uses a 1/5 shutter speed to add a sense of motion to an image taken from inside one of the station’s many modules. In another frame, he shows part of the ISS against a dramatic background of star trails.

Finally, check out this great time-lapse video of the Starliner spacecraft docked and a distant aurora.

In the past, other astronauts on board the ISS have also developed a reputation for taking stunning photographs. French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has taken spectacular photos that perfectly capture the beauty of our planet, often turning his lens 250 miles down to Earth.

Dominick’s creative work once again demonstrates the aesthetic and scientific value of photographs taken from space.

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