Anti-Starlink Move from China: 13,000 Satellites Will Be Launched into Space

According to a report, China is planning an alternative to the Starlink satellite internet service that Elon Musk put into low Earth orbit. The first move is to launch 13,000 satellites into orbit.

China has expressed its distaste for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite service several times before. According to new reports, the country plans to launch a rival service to provide global internet, “suppress” Elon Musk’s network, and become an alternative to Starlink.

New reports say that China plans to deploy a massive satellite network codenamed “GW” in low Earth orbit. According to the reports, the newly established China Satellite Network Group Co. 12,992 satellites are planned to be put into orbit.

Reply to Starlink from China

There are currently more than 3,500 Starlink satellites in low earth orbit. SpaceX plans to have more than 12,000 of them by 2027 and reach 40,000 satellites by the end of the project. There is no mention of when China’s satellites will be launched, but it is stated that GW will likely be deployed “before Starlink is complete”.

In fact, the researchers even say that the satellites can be placed in orbits that Starlink has not yet reached, saying that they will “gain opportunity and advantage at other orbital altitudes, suppress Starlink.” However, China is concerned about Starlink satellites and believes the satellites are spying. The country aims to develop technologies that can disable Starlink satellites, including comprehensive radar, that Elon Musk’s satellites can also be used in military interventions.

While China is concerned about the weaponization of Starlink, SpaceX has announced that it is limiting Ukraine’s ability to use these satellites in military operations. Although SpaceX said that Starlink satellites could be used for military communication, it had announced that they could never be used for offensive purposes.

What do you think about these technology wars launched by China in sky? Do you think they will be able to complete the satellite system installation before Starlink? Or will there be a war in the sky?

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