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ChatGPT Coming to iPhone? Apple and OpenAI Talks Started!

ChatGPT Coming to iPhone? Apple and OpenAI Talks Started!

A new negotiation process has started between Apple and OpenAI, which were alleged to have met before. Here are the details!

A new report claims that Apple is still looking at AI vendors for iOS 18 and that OpenAI and Apple are in talks again.

The most striking point in Bloomberg’s report on Friday is that talks with OpenAI have resumed, or perhaps are continuing, for some form of inclusion in iOS 18.

Earlier rumors had once again revealed that Apple was in talks with OpenAI. This new report suggests that OpenAI’s technology could come to iOS 18 in the form of a chat bot. Whether this is to improve Siri or replace it is unclear for now.

Apple also wants to integrate Gemini into iPhones

If the report is true, OpenAI is not the only AI Apple is considering integrating. Rumor has it that Apple is also in talks with Google to somehow give iOS 18 users access to Gemini.

All of these rumors seem disparate, but they are very much connected to Apple’s overall strategy. The company is clearly looking to outsource LLMs to existing larger companies like Google, while offering smaller on-device AI capabilities itself.

As with all rumors about Apple’s AI plans, it’s best to wait for confirmation. Apple will announce its strategy for AI on June 10 during WWDC.

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