Care Rituals Men Look for in a Woman

Extravagant hair or a simple straight blow-dry? Smoky eyes or a natural look? What are the details that men want and love to see in women? You can find the answers to all these and more in our content that we have prepared based on the data obtained from research.

Most women first invest in their hair to feel well-groomed

Although we do hair care for ourselves, everyone likes to be appreciated by men.
And bingo!
One of the things that impresses men the most is well-groomed hair. So if you have invested a lot in your hair so far, know that you have been very wise.
According to a study, 74% of men said that the first thing they notice about women is their hair.
Of course, every man’s preference is different, some like short hair and some like long hair. But they all have one thing in common and that is well-groomed hair.
We can easily say that broken ends, unshaped, unkempt hair is not attractive to anyone.
There is no need for expensive treatments or going to the hairdresser every day.
Especially serums are ideal for making hair shine and look impressive.
Although hair color is also a very personal choice, let’s not pass without mentioning the researches
Contrary to popular belief, numerous scientific studies have shown that men find brown and black-haired women more attractive than blondes.
Of course, this is a personal preference, but the only thing that is unattractive is dyed hair.
In the hustle and bustle of life, you may find it difficult to find time to go to the hairdresser. Don’t worry, most of us are in the same situation.
However, a spray that you keep at home for emergencies to cover the growing roots of your hair will be a great savior.
If you know the number of your dye, it is even useful to keep it at home.


So which hairstyle attracts men the most?

Whether a woman’s hair is short or long, we can say based on many research results that the style that attracts men the most is straight hair.


Straight hair that is left open is the model that men like the most, followed by curly and wavy open hair.
Then a stylish bun or ponytail model…
If you want to go out every day with your hair straight and shiny, you can use this straightener and argan oil serum.

Let’s talk about makeup… Is light makeup or thick makeup more attractive for men?

It’s true that men are more attracted to women who wear makeup.
But of course in moderation.
For most men, overly thick foundations, bronzers that turn the face orange, exaggerated false eyelashes and false nails are not attractive at all. In fact, they create the opposite effect.
That’s why it’s important to prioritize simplicity and keep in mind that less is always better in makeup.


We said understated makeup, but this does not apply to lipstick

Studies show that women wearing red lipstick attract men’s attention the most.
This extra attention to red lipstick may be due to the fact that red has long been associated with desire and seduction.
When wearing red lipstick, we should also make sure that our teeth are as white as possible. For this, you can use a good whitening toothpaste before applying your lipstick if necessary


Let’s talk about the smell, which can be repulsive as well as attractive

Perfume is of course important, but the most important thing is the feeling of cleanliness.
Because there is no perfume that smells as good as a well-groomed, clean woman.
For this, after applying your shower gel while showering, you can say goodbye to your unwanted hair with a razor that does not harm your skin.
Then moisturize your skin with a nice body oil or cream.
If you have a very sweaty structure, use a roll-on accordingly.
And finally, spray a nice perfume without exaggerating.
Remember, even a great perfume will be bad if overused.

But we must remember that no makeup or clothes are more important than a woman’s self-confidence

You should never compromise yourself to make a man happy.

Remember that you are always mesmerizing with the light you shine around you and be with people who really deserve you.

Meryem Lara Sarıusta

Hi, I'm Meryem. I am a writer for Expat Guide Turkey and I strive to create the best content for you. To contact me, you can send an e-mail to Happy reading!

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