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Can Foreigners Under Administrative Detention Make International Production Application?

Foreigners, who are not legally stay in Turkey and who have an administrative detention decision, can apply for asylum if certain conditions are completed. First of all, let’s explain what you need to know about “asylum”. According to the international legal norms, the concept of asylum is one of the legal means used by states, people who have left their country due to war and internal conflict or fear of being oppressed and persecuted. If it is clearly thought that if these people are sent back to their countries, their lives and freedom will be threatened, the countries where the foreigners have taken refuge have an obligation to provide them with legal protection. Again, it is a legal obligation for people in this situation to receive their applications by the states of asylum and to grant asylum if required conditions continue.

According to the laws in force in Turkey, the concept of asylum is expressed as “international protection”. Foreigners, who are likely to have problems in exercising their fundamental rights such as life and property security and freedom if they are sent to their own countries, have the right to apply for international protection. According to this;

  • If you are afraid of being persecuted because of your race, religion or political opinion in your country of citizenship or before you came to Turkey,
  • Again, if there is an environment of death penalty, torture, acts against human dignity or a serious threat to yourself,
    You can apply for international protection in Turkey.

As a result, just like other foreigners, it is possible for foreigners who are under administrative detention in Turkey for different reasons and those whose freedom is restricted to apply for international protection and asylum within the framework of certain rules.

If you have questions about the asylum applications of foreigners under administrative detention in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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