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Can Foreigners Buy a Car in Turkey?

Yes, it is possible for foreigners to buy a car in Turkey. Moreover, foreigners have some tax advantages. As a foreigner, you can find information about the documents required when purchasing a new car in Turkey, the processes carried out and tax-free vehicles in this article. We do not have any service related to the subject, you can ask your questions in the comments section below, our editors will try to answer as much as they know.

As it is known, the Turkish automobile market has been growing in recent years. It is possible to buy new model vehicles of various brands from dealers, automobile markets and automobile fairs. Besides, the secret is a2. Used cars in the hand market can be accessed online and through newspaper advertisements.

A foreigner in Turkey must first have a valid residence permit to buy a car.

Buying a new car

Buying a New Car

The vehicle registration procedures and documents required by foreigners when purchasing a new car are the same as for Turkish citizens. However, a vehicle registered to foreign nationals is given a license plate from the MA / MZ group.

Dealers selling new vehicles usually manage registration documents on behalf of the buyer. A new car must be registered with the Traffic Registration Offices within three months from the date of purchase. Documents required for new vehicle registration include:

  • Notary Bill of Sale
  • Sales Invoice
  • Highway Conformity Certificate
  • Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Paid Receipt
  • Compulsory traffic insurance

Special Consumption Tax and Motor Vehicles Tax

There are regulations regarding fuel economy and CO2 emissions of new vehicles. Official or private CO2 data must be displayed on all new passenger cars for sale or rental; also a car’s gram/kilometer CO2 emission values must be documented in the logbook.

Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and motor vehicle tax (MTV) are expected to be reorganized to rank a car according to its emissions (currently, vehicle taxation is calculated based on the vehicle’s age and engine cylinder capacity). These rates have not yet been defined, but comply with European Union standards.

Cars are classified in different tax categories according to their engine cylinder capacity and age, and prices include SCT and VAT. You can visit the website of the Revenue Administration,, to learn about the motor vehicle tax of your vehicle.

Tax-Free Vehicle Advantage for Foreigners

A foreigner who is legally registered with a valid work permit in Turkey may have the advantage of being tax-free when purchasing a new car from a dealer in Turkey, buying a used tax-free car from another foreigner, or importing his home country car into Turkey.

This vehicle tax exemption means that a foreigner has the right to purchase a new car from an authorized dealer without paying Special Consumption Tax (SCT) or Value Added Tax (VAT). This right also applies to the other foreigner when the car is sold by one foreigner to another in Turkey.

Note: Although tax-free vehicles are exempt from these taxes, annual road tax (banderole tax) must be paid.

This tax exemption benefit applies to only one car per foreign work permit holder (excluding diplomatic and NATO personnel who can purchase a car for a spouse). Only relevant family members can drive the car; Turkish citizens, on the other hand, cannot buy or drive tax-free vehicles.

Tax Free Car for Foreigners in Turkey

Buying a Tax Free (Blue Plate) Car

Tax-free vehicle, also known as a “blue plate” car, carries the vehicle registration plate “MA / MZ”, which indicates that it belongs to a foreigner residing in Turkey. Vehicle registration is indicated in the “blue license” and is valid for the duration of the owner’s work permit. If the registration is not renewed at the end of the relevant period, a fine is applied in multiples of the customs tax rate.

Those who have the right to buy a tax-free car:

  • Retired foreigners
  • Foreigners with a work permit in Turkey
  • Foreign lecturers and students (except language course students)
  • Foreign personnel working for NATO and experts working for the EU
  • Foreign press workers residing in Turkey (but not having a residence permit)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs ID card holders

Documents required when purchasing a tax-free vehicle:

  • Passport along with residence/work permits
  • Notary certificate
  • All documents pertaining to the vehicle
  • Tax receipts

The sale of a used used car from one foreigner to another usually takes place at the seller’s consulate. There are also specialized companies that offer support in carrying out these transactions.

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