Campus Life in Turkey for Foreign Citizens

The university campuses in Turkey has concentrated in a special area instead of the buildings within city and equipped with environmental features appropriate only for use of students. All details have been thought and implemented for completion of education training processes in quality manner and better preparation of students to life.

Although the campus life in Turkey constitutes quite colour images, many different activity areas ranging from sport halls within campus to students clubs, library, laboratory, restaurant, cafe, cinema halls and many more.    Here, the universities successful and coming forefront with their campuses of Turkey and the campus possibilities presented to students by them…

Middle East Technical University (METU) / Ankara

METU campus which firstly makes transition to campus life in Turkey with its campus founded in 1963 almost resembles a forest with its rich tree diversity. 18 dormitory buildings with the student capacity of 7 thousand are found in campus. Shopping center, pharmacy, stationery, boutique, tailor, bookstore and many varied enterprises offer best service in order to meet requirements of students.

20 physicians render service 24 hours in a general hospital. 20 tennis courts, 8 volleyball courts, 11 basketball courts, fields of alternative sport branches like American football, etc.  are available in METU campus.  Olympic pool and semi-olympic pool, stadium of 10 thousand persons may be benefited.   Restaurant and cafe more than thirty are positioned around Eymir Lake found in the campus.  Besides, archaeology museum, science and technology museum and classic automobile museum may also be visited in the campus.

METU having the best campus of Turkey with many opportunities presented to its students and personnel, METU is ready to deliver all expectations of a university student.

Boğaziçi University / İstanbul

Boğaziçi University, one of the most rooted universities of Turkey holds two different campuses. While one is South Campus of 267 thousand square meters located at Rumelihisarı, other is North Campus   at Uçaksavar. At the South Campus taken over from Robert Colleges, there are historical buildings.

In Boğaziçi University’s campus which forms perfect appearance opposite the Bosphorus, tennis courts, courts of basketball, football and alternative sport branches are available.  7 pcs dormitory buildings of 2500 persons serve in the campus. Many different artistic activity are organized in Boğaziçi Campus which meets all needs of students with its areas of restaurant, cafe and concert.

Eskişehir Anadolu University /Eskişehir

With two different campuses, Eskişehir University fulfils all requirements of  students and presents coloured, entertaining campus life. While Yunus Emre Campus is established on an area of 866 thousand 757 square meter, İki Eylül Campus on an area of 3 million square meter. Sport halls belonging to all sport branches, olympic pools and stadium in the campus may be benefited. While restaurant, cafes and entertainment locations are seen in the campus, Japan Garden in the campus is one of the limited thematic gardens of the world in which thousands of different type plants are cultivated.

İ.D. Bilkent University / Ankara

205 pcs buildings are sited in Bilkent University’s campus founded on a space of 5 million 175 thousand square meter.  The dormitory consisting of maximum 4 person- room provides quality accommodation possibility with university students.  6 indoor sport halls, 3 grass pitches, 4 fitness halls, 4 tennis court and 7 tennis courts and 7 basketball courts and 1 full equipped stadium are positioned in campus. By means of rich dishes types and perfect environments, 45 separate restaurants and cafes present best service to students in the campus.

Odeon Performance Centre of 5 thousand person, Bilkent Concert hall of 800 persons and theatre hall of 170 persons are found within Bilkent University campus. In addition, 2 pcs health center which collect no fee from students serve within the borders of the campus.

Karadeniz Technical University (KATÜ) / Trabzon

The campus of Karadeniz Technical University which has been maintaining its education- training in Kanuni Campus of 1 million 53 thousand 839 square meter since 1966 is located on a space having bird’s eye view to Black Sea.  3 thousand person- stadium, olympic swimming pools, football pitch, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts exist in the campus. 4 dormitories are found in the campus. In Karadeniz Technical University which offers campus life at the level to meet expectation of each student with its dining hall of 800 person, theatre, dance and cultural activity areas, healthy living centre, steam bath, Turkish bath, thinking sports centre can also be used.

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