Came From Nigeria To Study, Became The Boss!

Bilal Rabiu Kolo, who came to Elazig to study from Nigeria and got married here and started a new life for himself, realized his new big dream in Elazig. He became his own boss by opening a language school with a capacity of 60 students. Stating that the language school is Turkey‘s first and only international language school, Kolo stated that it has 22 branches in Turkey and branches in different countries of the world.

Bilal Rabiu Kolo (32), who came to Elazig from Nigeria to study in 2010, graduated from Firat University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism and then completed his master’s degree. Kolo started working in language courses while studying at the same time. Kolo, who married Nurse Dilek and has a child, started a new life in Elazig. Kolo then rolled up his sleeves to realize his biggest dream. After meeting with a UK-based language school, Kolo was granted a franchise. Kolo, which rented a place in Atasehir Neighborhood and opened its school with a capacity of 60 students, started registration for the new term. Coming from 7,756 kilometers, Kolo, who is his own boss in Elazig, sets an example for everyone with his hard work and determination.

Bilal Rabiu Kolo, who stated that he came to Elazig as a student at first, said, “I saw my education here. Over time, I started working. I have worked in the education sector. I worked in language courses in different private schools. We have realized my plan to open a language course that I have been planning for a long time. We are now a company owner. I married a Turkish citizen. My wife is a nurse here. I was working in the communications field at the time. I used to write and draw in magazines. We met because you need health content. Our language school will be Turkey’s first and only international language school. It is a school established in London in 1964. It has 22 branches in Turkey. There are branches in different countries of the world. Our biggest difference is that a student who joins us receives a lifetime education. Especially our speaking clubs are very active. Students can continue without interruption. This is not only in Elazig, but also in 22 branches, it is possible to continue education without paying any fee.”

Expressing that the course has a capacity of 60 students, Kolo said, “The capacity increases with morning, afternoon and evening groups. For now, we have 5 foreign national teachers. We will develop forward. Over time, I have seen many different reactions. Especially Turkey is known for its hospitality. I have never experienced anything negative personally. They embraced, loved and supported. I am very happy and happy for that. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without my wife. I am eternally grateful to him. He really supported and continues to do so.”

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