Brooke Shields Reveals She Was Raped

Brooke Shields Reveals She Was Raped

Brooke Shields, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, who made a name for herself with The Blue Lagoon and 1981’s “Endless Love”, admitted that she was raped years later. The 57-year-old actress, who revealed the bitter truth about her life for the first time in the documentary, stated that she wrote a letter to that person.

Brooke Shields talked about the abuse she experienced in the documentary. The famous actress said she was trying to make one last move to end her nightmarish days and wrote a letter to the man who raped her a few years after the incident.


The actor, who was in his early 20s when this incident occurred, said that he thought this meeting was a job interview. Brooke Shields said, “We had dinner. I thought it was a job interview. I had met that person before and he was always kind to me.” However, Shields said that dinner, which he thought was a business meeting, suddenly changed shape.


Brooke Shields, who told her interviewer that she needed to call a taxi, said that the person told her to go back to the hotel and call a taxi from there. Brooke Shields said she went with him to the hotel room.

Brooke Shields


While Brooke Shields was desperately thinking about what to do, Brooke Shields approached and said, “I didn’t want to go to the phone, I didn’t want to sit there. Because I wasn’t staying there.” He opened the window with the binoculars he found in the room and began to watch the view of the beach seen from the room.

Brooke Shields


Expressing that the harasser entered the room at that time, Shields said, “The door opened and that person came in naked. I left the binoculars and that person was coming towards me. He attacked me by force. At that time, I froze. “I couldn’t answer the man because I was afraid of being shot. A simple ‘No’ should have been enough for me. The only thought that crossed my mind at that moment was to survive and get out of that room. When he attacked me, I felt like I had been ripped out of my body.”

Brooke Shields

He Wrote A Letter To The Rapist

Brooke Shields, who admitted that she had to undergo therapy for years after this incident, explained that she tried to make one last move to end her nightmare-filled days. “Now I wanted to be able to close this issue completely,” said the actress, adding that at the suggestion of her therapist, she wrote a letter to the man who raped her a few years after the incident. Shields stated that he never received a response to this letter, which he thought was a kind of confrontation.

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