Breast Photos of Trans Actress Is On The Agenda!

Ahmet Melih Yİlmaz, known for his portrayal of the Crocodile Celil character in the Çukur series, came to the fore with his gender reassignment and took the name Melis Bendeli. The 33-year-old actress, who was on the agenda of social media with the photos she shared after she had breast aesthetics, this time shared her glass front poses with her followers.

Actor Ahmet Melih Yİlmaz (33), known for her role as “Crocodile Celil” in Cukur, the phenomenon series that marked a period of time on the screen, surprised everyone by announcing that she was trans.

Pose in front of the window

The famous name, who took the name Meli Bendeli by declaring that she is trans, shook the social media with her assertive poses and final form. Meli Bendeli’s poses in front of the window became the agenda.


Ahmet Melih Yılmaz talked about the process of being trans in the past months. The famous actress said, “I took this decision in March 2020, that is, in the first days of the pandemic. From now on, I will live to the fullest. The industry has worn me out. Mobbing when I was a man. I think they will chase me now.”



Emphasizing that it was difficult for him to act in TV series and movies after the change he went through, Yılmaz said, “I’m tired, I’m leaving the market. I’m going home. So I’m full, I get up from the table. “I have a dream to go to Berlin if I have the opportunity,” he said.


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