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Botan Valley , located in Siirt and hosts natural beauty, has been declared as 45th national park of Turkey. In Botan Valley National Park, where a part of the historical Silk Road is located, there are churches in Yerlibahçe, Kayabogaz, Kalender and Koçlu villages, the monastery in Deyr and the Hermit Mar Yakub Monastery built in the 6th century. The national park, which is watched from the Rasıl Hacar Hill (Delikli Stone), is about 350 meters high. It offers different beauty to its visitors every season and attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. The national park is among the indispensable addresses of nature lovers with its view of Botan Stream, natural beauties and recreation areas. Botan is a branch of the Tigris River. It also refers to a historical region that includes the Şırnak region. It includes Şırnak, Siirt, the east of Mardin and the Batman Region. It takes its name from the Botan Principality in the past. Socrates’ student Xenophon mentioned the river in his work Anabasis (The Return of Ten Thousands) written in 400 BC. Most of it is within the borders of Siirt. The national park has geographical and historical importance. Botan Valley is located in the central. Tillo and Eruh districts consists of 120 thousand decares and 29 kilometers of routes and they are also suitable for sports such as paragliding and rafting. Botan Valley is one of Turkey’s most steep and precipitous valley. Due to its location on the Silk Road, many civilizations from the Neolithic age to the present have left their mark here. It is also a heavenly place for nature lovers. There are many walking paths passing through villages for those who want to trekking along the Botan Valley. One of the glass observation terraces built on many places recently was built on Kaletül Üstad Hill in Tillo district. The glass terrace, which is flooded with tourists as its popularity increases, enchants you with its unique beauty Botan Valley view. With its benches and tea gardens where you can sit around and watch the view, it is one of the places that people in the region prefer to relax, especially on weekends. Also, the boat tours attracts attention in Botan Valley with its natural scenery. Citizens who come to see the natural beauties of Botan Valley, which is visited by many citizens every day, take photos of those moments. Local and foreign tourists can have the opportunity to see historical places with unique beauties.

How to get to Botan Valley National Park?

Botan valley is 5 km away from the city center. You can easily reach it with special vehicles.

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