“Black-headed Culha Bird” Spotted for the First Time in Turkey

The ‘black-headed culha’ (Remiz macronyx) bird was spotted for the first time in Turkey at the Igdir Aras River Bird Sanctuary, with only 46 records out of more than 1 billion records in the World Bird Watching Database. Authorities announced that the bird’s weight was 8.9 grams. Aras River Bird Sanctuary Research and Training Center, which continues its resonating studies in partnership with the universities of Igdir, Koc and Utah, under the coordination of the DKMP General Directorate and under the presidency of the Kuzey Doga Association, is the first primrose with a black head. A turkey ring was attached to the bird, which was detected for the first time in Turkey. Thanks to this ring, you can watch birds.

Black Culha Bird Weight 8.9 Grams

It was stated that the Black Culha bird, which has a circle in the Aras River Bird Research and Education Center, has only 46 records among more than 1 billion bird records in the World Bird Watching Database. The black-headed primrose, which is one of the smallest birds in Turkey and is a close relative of the evening primrose, is called the ‘nest master’ because of its nesting feature, and draws attention with its long tail, black head and white throat. . It was stated that the bird, which weighs 8.9 grams, is rarely seen in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It was noted that it was seen for the first time in Turkey and its ringing is important in terms of the country’s biological diversity.

Black Culha Bird

“495 Bird Species In Turkey”

Specialist biologist Emrah Coban, who carried out the ringing studies, emphasized that they caught a very rare species at the ring station at the Aras River Birds Research and Training Center on April 6, emphasizing that this is a new record for Turkey. We are very excited. 313 bird species have been discovered in Igdir so far, we have added one more. Currently, the number of bird species seen in Turkey is 495. This is very important for biodiversity. DKMP has a National Theft Program that coordinates these efforts. “Within the scope of this program, such surprising developments can happen at every station. This year, we spread the first surprise from Igdir to Turkey. With this bird species discovered in Turkey, the number of bird species has increased. These studies continue as they continue. The number of bird species in Turkey also increases. will increase.” I said.

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