Bitter News from Taha Duymaz! It Was Under the Wreck for 12 Days…

The lifeless body of the phenomenon Taha Duymaz, who was under the rubble in the earthquake in Hatay, was found.

The lifeless body of Taha Duymaz, who is famous for his recipes, was retrieved from the rubble 12 days later.

Taha Duymaz, who is known for his cooking videos on social media and lives in Hatay, was left under the rubble in the earthquake.

After 12 days, Duymaz’s lifeless body was found. Ragib Narin, known to be a close friend of Taha Duymaz, stated that Duymaz’s body was found on Instagram.

Narin shared a story written “Thank you very much” on her social media account.

On the other hand, social media phenomenon Dilan Polat also made a statement on his social media account.

Dilan Polat, who said that the health personnel working in the wreckage and Taha Duymaz’s cousin also confirmed the sad news, said, “There was a cousin there, the child was battered and was coming and going. As expected, no one should talk anymore, I think they saw their funerals. There was Umut on his sister’s side, and Taha on the other. Now they’re taking them all out one by one. Condolences to his family and everyone. There were miracles, yes, but I was guessing now. Nobody talks about this issue any more, people can sleep peacefully,” he said.


Taha Duymaz, who is on the agenda with his recipes and has millions of followers, was caught in his aunt’s house during the epicenter of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake. The lifeless body of Taha Duymaz, who was originally from Hatay and lived there, was also found. Taha Duymaz, who shared his last stories with his brother Melek in the apartment where his aunt’s house was located in the center of Hatay on the day of the earthquake, was wondering about the latest situation.

Taha Duymaz, who was on the first floor of the 8-storey building, was completely destroyed in the building where his brothers Melek and Umut were. Taha Duymaz was never heard from again after that day, when the two buildings next to him were demolished. Some social media phenomena also called for the rescue of Taha Duymaz. However, due to the fact that other buildings were demolished on top of the collapsed building, the works were carried out with difficulty.

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