Big Claim from Dutch Scientist: The Internet Will Disappear

According to Geert Lovink, who is known as one of the first researchers of the global information network, the internet has headed to a ‘point of no return’. According to the scientist, the internet is doomed to extinction eventually.

Geert Lovink, a professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), said that freedom of expression on the internet will become a big problem and people will move away from the global network.

Even Zuckerberg has Distanced Himself from Social Media Platforms

Lovink is considered one of the pioneers of the internet, and what he has to say matters a lot. Because the founders of the Internet envisioned the project to be a decentralized, citizen-supported network. Lovink on the subject: “We lost this war in an extraordinary way.” He summarizes and adds, “The Internet is in the hands of technology companies that care little about the rights of individuals or society as a whole.”

Lovink believes that “fixing” the internet will soon become impossible, and according to him, the internet is heading towards a point of no return. Big tech companies are probably aware of this, too. The scientist said that Mark Zuckerberg moved away from social media platforms and started a virtual universe (if metaveh), which could be a sign of the “end”.

We Have to Get Used to the Idea That the Internet Age is Coming to an End

Lovink thinks the point of no return is approaching because even “normal” users are now paying an increasingly high price for their addiction to the internet, social media and apps.

“This price is primarily psychological. Not only do many young people suffer from distorted self-esteem and anxiety disorders, but some critical functions of our brains are also outsourced. Short-term memory weakens and our attention becomes increasingly fragmented and very specifically directed.” writes Lovink.

At the same time, social control is increasing and users are under close surveillance. “Our so-called freedom of expression no longer really exists,” Lovink said. He added that we need to get used to the idea that the internet age may one day end.

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