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The national park covers an area of 86,855 hectares. Lake Beyşehir is located within the borders of Konya province in the Central Anatolia Region. It was declared in 1993. Beysehir is Turkey’s third largest lake in terms of surface area. Located at the intersection point of Central Anatolia, Taurus Mountains and Western Anatolia regions, the national park contains many different habitat types thanks to this feature. The Anamas Mountains, whose summit of 2890, which makes a great contribution to the view of Lake Beyşehir, is snowy in all seasons, is one of the important natural beauties of the national park. The lake area, which stretches for 154 km and hosts many bays and gulfs, offers its visitors the opportunity to make trekking, hiking, biking, jeep safari tours and accommodation with a tent or caravan. Beyşehir Lake is an area with indispensable natural beauties with drinking water supply, irrigation and beach use. Beyşehir Lake, which includes 16 fish species including fauna, zander, Sazan, Dace, Siraz, and Redeye, is also a very important area for waterfowl.  153 different bird species live within the borders of Beyşehir Lake National Park. 3 amphibians, 14 reptiles and 34 mammal species were found in the national park area in addition to waterfowl such as coot and mallard. The presence of many islands, large and small, within the Beyşehir Lake, also increases the interest of visitors to the natural space. While the islands in the lake are important for the nesting and hatching of waterfowl, the islands are known as wintering and hatching areas for divers, swans, cormorants, some heron species and ducks. Again, in addition to the alkaline nature of the lake water within the national park, carp, sea bass, etc., water turtles and snakes add richness to the fauna of the lake. The Beyşehir Lake National Park, which has a busy visit period between May and October, offers its visitors the opportunity to camp for daily tents and caravans on the rich coastal areas with green cover, while the district center can be used for different accommodation preferences. On the other hand, the only water source in the country that is under protection as two separate national park areas is Beyşehir Lake.

How to get to Beyşehir Lake National Park

It is possible to reach Beyşehir in 1.5 hours by using the Beyşehir buses at Konya Bus Terminal. The nearest airport to the district is Konya Airport. There is no clear fee, as airport ticket fares vary due to reasons such as the purchase of the ticket in advance and the density on special days such as holidays. When you arrive at Konya Airport, you can go to Konya center by Havaş and taxi, and from there you can reach the district by taking the Beyşehir buses.

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