Beypazari Public Hospital

Beypazari Public Hospital

The hospital was established in 1961 by Dr. Halil Şıvgın. It started its service as a Health Center. In June 1962, an addition was made to the first building, and it was transformed into a 50-bed State Hospital. In 1971, an additional building was built by the Ministry of Health considering the district needs and the bed capacity was increased to 100. Later, this building was repaired and renovated in 2001, and the head doctor, administration and revolving fund units were moved to this building. In 1982, a new additional building was opened as an emergency service. In 2000, a new service building was added to the hospital, which had insufficient number of polyclinic rooms and conditions. The D block service building, whose construction started in May 2004 and was built with the personal efforts of the chief physician and the donations of the charitable citizens, was opened in January 2005 as a polyclinic and child service. The hospital continued to provide health services for a long time in 7 separate (independent) buildings within the garden boundaries. In 2009, the construction of a new service building with 75 beds and a closed area of 18,500 m2 was started in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and TOKI. The construction was completed in September 2012 and the hospital started to serve in its new building.

The  hospital has 75 beds.Hemodialysis unit of the hospital works at full capacity with 9 + 1 machines.There are 5 operating tables in the hospital.  There is a transfusion center in the hospital. The  X-ray department serves with two devices. (1 Digital, 1 Analog) (SR). Fifteen patients receive ultrasound scans (excluding emergency shots) daily. The hospital has biochemistry and eliza (hormone) devices in the laboratory department.  The hospital provides service to all patients who apply because it is a public hospital. Since the public hospital serves all patients in and around our district, it functions as a regional hospital.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Internal Dıseases (2 Polyclinics),

Orthopedıcs (2 Polyclinics),

Eye (1 Polyclinic),

General Surgery (3 Polyclinics),

Ent (1 Polyclinic),

Neurology (1 Polyclinic),

Chıldren (2 Polyclinics,

Urology (1 Polyclinic),

Gynecology (1 Polyclinic),

Dental (1 Polyclinic),

Dental Treatment (1 Polyclinic),

Skın (1 Polyclinic),

Physıcal Therapy (1 Polyclinic),

Cardıology (1 Polyclinic).


You can go to Beypazarı Public Hospital easily from different locations of Ankara. If you want to reach the hospital by public transportation, there are several different ways that you can prefer to reach Bahçelievler Public Hospital such as; bus, metro and tren.

If you prefer to reach Beypazarı Public Hospital by bus, you can take 220 – 7 and 542 bus lines.

If you prefer to use metro, you can take metro lines of M1-M2-M3.

If you prefer to use the train, you can take Başkentray.

Hospital Website:

You can reach other hospitals in Turkey by this link: Hospitals in Turkey

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