Have You Heard Before? Discover Balikligol, Sanliurfa

Balikligol is 150 meters long and 30 meters wide. Its depth is around 3-5 meters. There are carp type fishes that are the subject of legends. These fish are respected by the public and are not eaten. Legend has it that after St. Abraham was thrown into the fire, a miracle would happen and everything would be rosy. It is believed that the place where this miracle took place is Balıklıgöl and its surroundings. It reaches the highest number of visitors during religious holidays, Mevlit and Kandil nights.


On the Balikligol Plateau, Hz. There is also the cave where Abraham was born. The cave where Abraham, who is considered the ancestor of three monotheistic religions, was born also has visitors. Visitors from all religions, countries and cities are made to this cave in all seasons of the year. Right next to the cave where Prophet Abraham was born, there is also the tomb where Beddiuzaman Said Nursi, the religious scholar of his time, was buried for the first time after his death.

balikligol urfa

Sanlıiurfa The Heart of Tourism

Balikligol is the center of attraction of Sanliurfa tourism. It is located just south of Halil-ür Rahman Lake, in front of the Urfa Castle, and is a lake with an area of ​​150 square meters. According to the legend; After the Prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire, Nemrut’s daughter Zeliha was also thrown into the fire. Because he loves and believes in Ibrahim very much, he can’t stand being thrown into the fire and throws himself into the fire. The place where Zeliha fell turns into a lake.




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