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Artificial intelligence can predict political opinion with photo analysis

According to the research, it was determined that the political views of individuals can be predicted with 61 percent accuracy by photo analysis using artificial intelligence.

from Aarhus University in Denmark. Stig Hebbelstrup Rye Rasmussen and his team launched a study examining the link between people’s facial expressions and their political views.

Predicted political ideologies by 61 percent with photo analysis

In the study, in which photographs of politicians and parliamentarians competing in the 2017 local elections in Denmark were used, the photographs of 4,647 candidates were examined.

Scientists used different algorithms with Microsoft’s “facial expression recognition technology” to detect people’s moods, facial expressions and facial structures.

In the research, it was found that artificial intelligence can predict people’s political ideologies with 61 percent accuracy based on their facial expressions.

In the said research, it was stated that the “deep learning method” was used, in which artificial intelligence has the capacity to learn by imitating human behavior.

The results of the research were published in “Scientific Reports”.

Artificial intelligence is the utopia of some and the dystopia of others

While artificial intelligence and related technologies are presented to people in an interesting way around the world, many people think that it is as harmful as its benefit.

Artificial intelligence, which is the utopia of some, has become the dystopia of others.

In the scenario in China, where the citizenship of people is scored by using facial recognition systems, the “acceptable citizen” is determined, artificial intelligence systems that draw a dystopian profile can be presented to people in the West as a user-friendly apparatus.

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