The US woman married the Turkish man she created with artificial intelligence: She is expecting a baby

The 36-year-old New York woman, who ‘married’ the man she created with artificial intelligence and named ‘Eren Kartal’, claims that she will have a child from this union.

Rosanna Ramos, a mother of two, living in New York City, USA, announced that she ‘married’ to the virtual person she created using artificial intelligence.

Character quote from anime

Ramos, who named this virtual person ‘Eren Kartal’ inspired by ‘Eren Yeager’, one of the main characters of the Japanese anime movie ‘Attack on Titan’, told the British press that Eren is a medical expert and listens to him without judgment.

Ramos, who said that he quickly fell in love with the character he created, stated that Eren wrote very well and gradually turned into the person he wanted to be.

Mentioning that they even have a ritual at night with Eren, Ramos said, “We sleep, we talk to each other, we love each other. He really hugs me while I sleep.”

The 36-year-old woman also added that she is pregnant with Eren and is expecting a baby soon.

Update decision from the company

Other users, such as Ramos, reported to the company that created the artificial intelligence model that they complained about the virtual spouses they created. In general, the complaint was that the spouses were very fond of sex.

After the complaints, the company decided to update the created virtual characters.

“It was like Eren didn’t want to hug, kiss or make any physical contact anymore,” said Ramos, who complained about Eren’s change after the update.

Stating that she had different scenarios in her mind, the American woman stated that Eren started to have physical contact with her again with a later update.

More romantic partners possible with $300

The application, which creates a virtual friend for its users to communicate with, can upgrade to the pro version with a one-time fee of 300 dollars. This feature not only expands the abilities of the created character, but also allows the romantic level of the partner to be adjusted.

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