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Artificial Intelligence Announcers Are Coming to Sports Competitions!

Artificial Intelligence Announcers Are Coming to Sports Competitions!

Productive AI is now starting to encounter its announcers at sporting events. Here are the details about the first job of artificial intelligence in this field!

Productive AI asks many professionals, “I wonder if I will lose my job?” he asks. may have left him to his own anxiety, and it seems that one of those worries is coming true.

A first for professional tennis and possibly the entire sporting world, this year’s Wimbledon Tennis Championships will use an AI-powered commentator for all video summaries.

Powered by IBM’s Watsonx AI platform, this new feature will offer audio commentary and transitional captions of key moments from all matches.

Artificial Intelligence Announcers

Generative AI to Deliver Tennis Matches

“This tool is designed to provide fans with a more insightful experience while capturing highlights from matches and highlights videos from with the Wimbledon app,” IBM said in a statement. expressions were included.

To create the new feature, IBM experts worked with the Wimbledon All England Club to train AI in “the unique language of tennis.” The computing giant said the resulting comment would offer “a variety of sentence structure and vocabulary to make the clips informative and engaging.”

The idea of ​​AI-generated commentary sounds intriguing, and it will certainly be interesting to hear how it sounds and how well it captures the essence of the sport.

The fact that AI is used for key moments recorded will also be reassuring for most professional commentators, but perhaps it won’t be long before a more advanced AI tool has the power to observe, analyze and interpret in real time.

Artificial Intelligence Announcers Are Coming to Sports Competitions!

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