Archaeological Excavations Continue Without Slowing Down

At Cadir Hoyuk in the Sorgun district of Yozgat, findings dating back about 6,000 years are being unearthed by archaeologists.

At Cadir Hoyuk, located in the village of Peyniryemez, the excavation team of 35 people is trying to reach historical findings in the soil they dug inch by inch with brushes and small materials. The excavation works, which started on 13 July, will continue until 30 August.

Deputy Chairman of the Excavation, Assistant Professor at the Middle East Technical University Historical Environmental Values ​​Research Center. Deniz Erdem told reporters that there was an uninterrupted settlement in Cadir Hoyuk, from about 4,000 BC until the Byzantine period, at the earliest.

Stating that Cadir Hoyuk is also important for the history of Yozgat, Erdem said:

“It is possible to read about 6,000 years of technological and sociological development in the mound. The settlement, which started from the Chalcolithic period, ends with the Early Bronze Age, Hittite, Iron Age, Roman, Hellenistic period and lastly Byzantium. It continues uninterruptedly. Production technologies from the early period to the present. “It is possible to understand how this whole structure was shaped, with the information from the Çadır Höyük excavations. We hope to find the Neolithic period by going down to less than 6 thousand years in the excavations.”

Explaining that pottery findings were found in Cadir Hoyuk from the Chalcolithic period, Erdem said, “We understand that the products produced were sold to the surrounding settlements. Therefore, Cadir Hoyuk gives us very important information in terms of understanding the early production technology.”

Deputy Head of Excavation Burcu Yıldırım stated that she has been participating in excavations at Cadir Hoyuk since 2011.

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