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Apple wants to revolutionize iPhones with artificial intelligence

Apple wants to revolutionize iPhones with artificial intelligence.

Seen as one of the companies that fell behind in the artificial intelligence race, Apple finally pressed the button. Details are here!

After the breakthroughs of Google and Microsoft, the artificial intelligence race seems to be heating up. While big tech companies have already taken their place in the industry with their own productive artificial intelligence projects and updated their products, Apple has lagged behind. However, the company plans to invest heavily in artificial intelligence.

Apple, which has opened 28 new job postings recently, will hire software engineers working in the field of artificial intelligence. Allegedly, Apple aims to completely change the use of iPhone with artificial intelligence.

All Artificial Intelligence Features in One Phone

The role of Visual Generative Modeling Research Engineer in Apple’s advertisements draws attention. The announcement states that the applicant will be part of a group that will be responsible for the transformation of mobile computing platforms. As the job description suggests, Apple may be working on its own image-generating artificial intelligence.

revolutionize iPhones

However, Apple’s goals are not limited to this. After Microsoft’s breakthrough in artificial intelligence, from visual production to chatbots and business, Apple wants to do something similar. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the developments in the field of productive artificial intelligence are very interesting and Apple has approached the issue consciously and thoughtfully.

In other words, Apple does not want to take a step until the technology becomes stable, as in most new technologies. Apple, which is currently supported by artificial intelligence to a certain extent in mobile applications, aims at radical changes in iPhones, especially in software, with new projects.

The A16 chip in the iPhone 14 Pro series strengthens Apple’s hand with its neural processor unit. Allegedly, the company is working on a very powerful technology in which the visual production and chat bot are combined with Siri, and the phone control is completely provided by artificial intelligence. Although it is possible to see some artificial intelligence add-ons with iOS 17, the transformation of iPhones to artificial intelligence will most likely enter our lives with iOS 18.

Apple wants to revolutionize iPhones with artificial intelligence

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