Altındere Valley National Park Travel Guide

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Altındere Valley National Park is an exquisite natural wonder located in the borders of Maçka district of Trabzon with its oxygen-rich air, chirping bird sounds and dazzling untouched nature. This national park, which preserves the most beautiful views you can see around the Eastern Black Sea Region, has a large and impressive area of 4,800 hectares. With its humid climate and nature surrounded by forests, Altındere Valley, which gives life to thousands of different species of plants and animals, has been in the status of a national park since 1987. The Sümela Monastery was built in the 4th century A.D. and it one of the most important faith centers in the world. It is also within the borders of the national park. The monastery, which is 1,300 meters above sea level, is one of the most famous touristic structures of the region with its flawless architecture and magnificent view. The 3812- hectare part of the Altındere Valley National Park, which consists of 909.5 hectares of forestland, has been used as pasture by the people of the region for centuries. In addition, 65 kilometers long forest road and 2 thousand 605 kilometers long plateau paths attract those who want to take nature walks in the region. 135 plants, 43 mammals, 184 birds, 181 insects, 9 amphibians, 12 reptiles and 10 fish species live in the national park, which is rich in plant and animal diversity thanks to its clean air, climate and water resources. The national park, which is visited by approximately 350 thousand people annually, is famous for its cultural values and sportive activities as well as its natural beauty. In the national park, which deserves a two-day trip plan that includes one day of culture and one day of nature tours; You can get impressive information about the history and culture of the region by visiting the Sümela Monastery. Those who intend to explore the national park during the trip can participate in activities such as trekking, camping, nature researches and sport fishing.

How to get to Altındere Valley National Park

Altındere Valley National Park is located within the borders of Maçka district of Trabzon. The national park is 48 kilometers from Trabzon, 18 kilometers from Maçka, 1113 kilometers from Istanbul, 1377 kilometers from İzmir and 786 kilometers from Ankara. Turkey’s national parks from different cities who want to go can use the air or highway. The nearest airport to the national park is in Trabzon. There are minibus services from Trabzon city center to Maçka direction. Since there is no vehicle entrance into the National Park, a pleasant walk awaits those who want to visit the monastery an the surrounding area. Since the ground can be slippery due to the humid weather of the Black Sea, do not neglect to make your choice of shoes suitable for environmental conditions.

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