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All About Nipple Piercing! Piercing Care

Nipple piercing has taken the piercing world by storm in recent years, growing in popularity among both men and women. For some, this piercing pattern is a way to express their sexuality or enhance their sexual experience. For others, it’s an act of rebellion because they know their nipples will show through their shirts. Whatever your reason for getting your nipple piercing done, you should be prepared for a long aftercare journey. Here’s everything you need to know about nipple piercings!

How Much Does Nipple Piercing Hurt?

It may not be too hard to guess that this will be a painful piercing. Many people who have had breast piercings say it’s not as painful as they expected, but you will feel some pain. Nipples are an incredibly sensitive area of ​​the body. Sticking a needle in them can cause you pain and harm. Before the piercer is actually pierced, the piercer will use a clamp to hold the piercing nipple in place and make sure that the jewelry goes where it needs to be. It feels like someone is squeezing your nipples too hard.

Nipple Piercing Healing Process

Nipple piercings take time to heal. Recovery can take about 12 months. It may take as little as 9 months, but the inside of your piercing will heal after the outside, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you want to have it treated later, you can contact the person who had your piercing to see if your piercing has healed completely after 9 months.

Nipple Piercing Care

Your nipple is not a place you want to get an infection. Most of the time it will come into contact with foreign germs that can cause infection as it will sit under your clothes. Additionally, its location makes it susceptible to snags, which are incredibly painful.–Nas%C4%B1l-Temizlenir

1- Wash your hands. Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching the nipple piercing (even after it has completely healed). Touching the piercing without washing your hands is the easiest way to cause infection in a nipple piercing.
Avoid touching your nipple piercing for the first few weeks, except to clean it.–Nas%C4%B1l-Temizlenir

2- Take the formed crusts. In a nipple piercing, if crusting occurs around the edges of the open wound, you need to carefully remove this crust. It is best to do this in the shower so that the crust gets wet and easy to remove. Remove the crust that has formed around the nipple piercing by gently tapping it with your finger or a cotton swab.
Be careful not to turn the ring too much when picking up the shell. Move the ring just enough to pick up the shell.
Be very gentle during this procedure because forcing the bark off can tear the skin around the piercing and create a new wound or even an infection that needs to heal.–Nas%C4%B1l-Temizlenir

3- Make a sea salt mixture. Pour a quarter teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into a glass of warm pure water. Wait for the sea salt to dissolve in the water. Dip a paper towel in sea salt water and place it on the nipple. Let the nipple absorb this liquid for 5-10 minutes every day. For the glass to act as a kind of vacuum seal, you can turn the glass with the sea salt mixture over your nipple and lie down while your nipple sits in the mixture, but be careful not to spill the water.
You should do this every day for the first two weeks after getting your piercing. After the first two weeks, you can switch to standard cleaning in the shower. Return to this method if infection or irritation occurs.
Be sure to use distilled water because tap water may contain impurities that can promote infection.
Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibiotic creams.

Here are some tips for nipple piercing healing;

Don’t Play With Your Nipple

This rule will be tough, especially if you’ve had your piercing done to spice things up in the bedroom. Unfortunately, you have to wait until the chest piercing is fully healed. Not only do hands and mouths contain bacteria that can cause infection, moving jewelry can cause scarring on healing skin. Be careful and wait until your nipple piercing person says you’re completely healed.

Wear Tight Shirts or Cotton Bras During Recovery

Wearing jewelry can be a major problem with nipple piercings. Women can wear a cotton bra or sports bra to keep their jewelry safe, and men or women who prefer to go without a bra can wear a tight-fitting T-shirt underneath their clothing to achieve the same result.

Choose the Right Starter Jewelry–Nas%C4%B1l-Temizlenir

Fleshy areas such as nipples are more prone to jewelery rejection. Most jewelery rejections can be avoided by choosing the right starter jewellery. For jewelry, you should choose high-quality metals such as 14-karat gold or titanium. Anything with cheaper alloys can cause skin irritation.
You may see some secretions after the nipple piercing is done. Each piercing will release some fluid as it heals, but the nipple tends to be a little more leaky. If the discharge is clear or creamy white, there is nothing to worry about. But if it starts to turn bright white, yellow or green, it could be a sign of infection. If in doubt, speak to a professional.

Can I Breastfeed After Nipple Piercing?

This is a pretty common question indeed. In most cases, breast piercings do not affect the mother’s ability to breastfeed at all! However, there is always scarring or other complications that can affect the flow of breast milk, so it really depends on the individual. As long as the process is done properly, if you take the aftercare process seriously and you don’t have any allergic reaction to the metal used, it’s okay to breastfeed!

Is Nipple Piercing Permanent?

When you get a breast piercing, a barbell is used that is screwed in at one end. To remove a chest piercing, all you have to do is unscrew the barbell and slide it out! You can choose to replace the gem with something else. If you want to know if your nipple piercing will close when you take it out, the holes can close pretty quickly, so if you want to keep your nipple piercings, have new jewelry ready to replace your old ones. In some people, small scars can be seen after the holes are closed.

Does Nipple Piercing Affect Sensitivity?

This is a person-dependent situation, while some people are quite sensitive, while others may not change at all. Nipple piercings only rarely reduce the sensitivity of your nipples, which is caused by damage to the nervous system.
Nipple piercings look very impressive and can stay with you forever as long as you take care of them properly. They can also be like a little secret that only you know until you take off your clothes in front of someone. Now that you know that people don’t tell you about nipple piercings, you can safely go and get your own nipple piercing.

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