Alacain Cave in Denizli Is Waiting To Be Protected

Alacain Cave in Denizli Is Waiting To Be Protected

The frescoes in Alacain Cave, which is thought to have been used as a church in the past in Denizli’s Acıpayam district, draw attention.

Alacain Cave, which is located on the slope of the Kır Mountain at an altitude of 1500 meters in the Mevlütler District, 5 kilometers from the district center, is planned to be taken under protection. There are wall paintings that are in danger of extinction in the cave carved into the steep rocks of the mountain in the region, which was accepted as a 1st Degree Archaeological Site in 1992 by İzmir No. 2 Cultural and Natural Heritage Institution. Protection Board. There are sarcophagi around the cave, which is thought to have been used as a church in the past.

Alacain Cave

Archaeologist Uğurcan Uludağ, who conducts research in the region, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that all of the remains on the surface belong to the Late Roman Empire and Byzantine periods, and ceramic pieces from the Late Hellenistic and Roman periods can be seen on the surface. surface. Noting that one of the most important remains in the region are the frescoes in the cave, Uludağ said, “This place was declared a protected area in the 1990s. A survey was conducted here in the early 2000s. But unfortunately there is no other research. This is a protected area or there is no study. ” said.

Alacain Cave

“FRICKS depict scenes from the Bible”

Noting that they do not know what is under the ground because no research has been done, Uludağ said, “This is a region in need of research. One of the most important structures of this place is the church. This church can still stand. It has been seen. Unfortunately, most of it has disappeared. We can say that the frescoes are 900 years old. ”

Alacain Cave

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