Denizli City Guide

Denizli City Guide

Denizli is located in Aegean Region and an important agricultural, industrial and tourism center of Turkey.  The population of city exceeded 1 million level at the last years with important investments. From the economical perspective, Denizli has a lot of agricultural area, many industrial facilities and good tourism potential. Pamukkale is the most important and symbol destination of the city. In addition, Denizli is one of the provinces that have a say in the textile industry in Turkey. The clothes of the Ottoman Sultans and Sultans were sewn in Buldan. Its towel and bathrobe are also famous.

At the last years, Denizli started to attract the interest of investors from different countries. The foreign direct investments have increased in different locations of the city recently. So, the rapid development continues today in Denizli. You can check out all of the best places and brief information about the city on this Denizli city guide.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)




87 / km2

0,92 %

11,861  km2




19,162 $

Denizli is so popular with Travertines of Pamukkale, but the city is one of the leading textile centers of Turkey. With many heavy industrial facilities and huge export potential, Denizli has become one of the most important destinations of Turkey for industrial production at the last years. Pamukkale and Merkezefendi are the central districts of the city and more than 650.000 people live in the city center.

The districts of Denizli are Acıpayam, Babadağ, Baklan, Bekilli, Beyağaç, Bozkurt, Buldan, Çal, Çameli, Çardak, Çivril, Güney, Honaz, Kale, Merkezefendi, Pamukkale, Sarayköy, Serinhisar, Tavas. You will find detailed information for all districts of Denizli in this guide.

Short History of Denizli

Denizli is an important historical settlement like many Aegean cities of Turkey. The first settlement in Denizli,  it is estimated that it started in Beycesultan Mound with BC 4000 years Chalcolithic period. After 1700 BC, first the Phrygians and then the Lydians dominated the region. According to the Greek historian Heredot, Denizli district, known as Sarayköy today, was the eastern border of the Lydian State at that time. The name of the district at that time was Karura.

The first meeting of Denizli with the Turks was after the conquest of the region by Süleyman Şah I after the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071. When various principalities ruled the region for a while, in 1429 Denizli joined the Ottoman borders with the principalities. Most of the territory of Denizli was connected to the Kütahya sanjak at that time, and it was included in Aydın when it came to the 17th century. Denizli, in 1923 with the establishment of the Republic of Turkey has taken place in the country as a province.

Like many Aegean cities, Accommodation in Denizli is so developed. You can find 5-star hotels and different hotels and hostels for different budgets. We can say, the accommodation facilities are so common in central districts. But, the other districts have only a few accommodation alternatives. There are continental climate effects in the inner parts of Denizli, which is located between the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Although Denizli is included in the Aegean Region, the dominant climate type is the Central Anatolian climate rather than the Aegean. In Denizli, where summers are hot and dry and winters are rainy, humidity is generally very high.

Almost half of Denizli’s geography consists of mountainous areas. The remaining part is covered with plateaus and plains. Weather conditions allow to grow alder, chestnut, willow, linden, hazelnut and fern, which are Black Sea vegetation varieties in the region.

The concept real estate for sale in Denizli or real estate for rent in Denizli will be so important if you need real estate. If we look at the general perspective, after getting metropolis title, the real estate prices in Denizli increased clearly. Especially, central districts like Pamukkale and Merkezefendi have the highest price level for real estate in Denizli. As of the end of June 2020, the prices of houses for sale increased by 13.21% in Denizli province. The average house size is 135 square meters.

Considering the annual averages, the districts that gained the highest value in Denizli for housing as of the end of June 2020 were Honaz, Çivril, Kale, Sarayköy, Merkezefendi respectively.

Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Denizli ? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Denizli, there are 9 state hospitals, 1 university training and research hospitals, and 7 private hospitals.  You can get high-quality health services in many health instutitions in Denizli.

Denizli is located in Aegean Region of Turkey. Because of geographical position, Denizli plays an important role on transportation between Aegean and Central Anatolia Region. The city has road, railway and airway connections. So, it’s easy to visit Denizli if you are coming from different cities of Turkey or abroad.

Road Transportation

Denizli, which is located in the middle of our three important geographical regions, is easily accessible by car as it is located on developed highway connections. You can find a bus service from many metropolitan cities to Denizli. Denizli bus station is in the middle of the city center and there is no transportation problem.

Railway Transportation

Denizli train station is located in the city center and adjacent to Denizli bus station. To reach Denizli by train, you can use Pamukkale Express, which operates between Denizli and Eskisehir regularly. The route followed by Pamukkale Express;
In the form of Denizli → Sandıklı → Afyon → Kütahya → Eskişehir.

Apart from that, there are regular train services on the Izmir → Aydin → Denizli route every day. The train journey from Izmir to Denizli takes about 5 hours.

Air Transportation

Providing service in Denizli, Denizli Çardak Airport is approximately 60 km from the city center. It’s away. There is a shuttle service between the airport and the city center, adjusted to the flight times. There are also car rental and taxi facilities. Flights to Denizli Çardak Airport are organized from both airports in Istanbul. There are direct flights between Pegasus, AnadoluJet and Turkish Airlines between Sabiha Gökçen and Istanbul Airport and Denizli.

Inner-city Transportation

You can find regular bus lines to almost all districts of Denizli every day. Denizli Intercity Bus Terminal is the central transportation point for the city. If you want to travel from Aydın to another district or city, it may be good for your to make early reservation.

Check out the “Best places to visit in Denizli” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Denizli” on Expat Guide Turkey now. Choose your destination, click on the guide and start discovering Denizli deeply now. With no doubt, Denizli is one of the richest cities of Turkey in terms of places to visit. Travertines of Pamukkale are the main symbol of the city. It is about 20 km away from the center and it is formed by the formation of calcium carbonate precipitate by giving a chemical reaction when the thermal water sources in the region appear. Access to the natural travertines collected in 2 main parts is prohibited, and there is freedom to enter the artificial areas in the front without shoes and slippers. Pamukkale, which is a frequent destination for domestic and foreign tourists in every season of the year, is also a favorite of photographers. If you visit Pamukkale, you should visit Hierapolis Ancient City near it.

Cleopatra Pool is an important historical destination of Denizli. As location, the pool is located between Pamukkale Travertines and Hierapolis Amphitheater. On the other hand,  Tripolis Ancient City, Bağbaşı Plateau, İnceğiz Canyon and Işıklı Lake should be visited in Denizli.

There are only 1 state university in the borders of Denizli. Pamukkale University is located in Denizli. In different districts, there are faculties and vocational schools.


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