Al Hamra Palace History and Features

Where is Alhambra Palace and in Which Country? Alhambra Palace history and features

Alhambra Palace is one of the historic palaces in Europe. El Hamra Palace was first built in 889 AD in the form of a castle. The country where this historical place is located has become a subject of curiosity. So where is Al Hamra Palace, in which country?

Here is the history and features of Al Hamra Palace

‘El Hamra’ is a word of Arabic origin. El Hamra Palace also means “The Red Palace”. It is being investigated where this important building, one of the historical palaces, is located. So where is Alhambra Palace, in which country?

Al Hamra Palace
Granada ,Spain


El Hamra Palace is a historical palace located in the city of Granada in the Andalusia region of Spain.

Alhambra Palace is considered one of the most important Islamic artifacts in Europe. The palace has also managed to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List.


El Hamra Palace was first built in 889 AD in the form of a castle. The castle, which was not repaired until the 13th century, was restored to its current appearance by the Emir of Granada, Muhammad Nasser. El Hamra Palace is a palace built during the Andalusian state, one of the great Islamic states. It was converted into a royal palace by Joseph I, the sultan of Granada.

Al Hamra Palace

Alhambra Palace was converted into a royal palace in 1333. After the palace came under Christian rule in 1492, Christian motifs and traces of Renaissance architecture were found in the castle. After the Nasserids controlled the palace, it grew even larger.

Al Hamra Palace

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