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Air Pollution Barrier To Face-To-Face Education In Iran!

Air Pollution Barrier To Face-To-Face Education In Iran!

Schools were closed when the air pollution index exceeded 200 in some parts of Iran’s capital, Tehran, and in the provinces of Elborz, Kum, Khuzestan, Isfahan and Qazvin. As a result of the decision taken, education and training will be done online.

Air pollution has become an obstacle to face-to-face education in Iran. In a statement made by the Tehran Governorate, it was stated that the airpollution index in some parts of the capital is “bad” for all groups.


Accordingly, with the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and the approval of the AirPollution Emergency Working Group, pregnant women, mothers with children under 6 years of age and primary school age, people with diseases or those in the vulnerable group, work remotely on Monday. Education in schools will be held online on Monday. On the other hand, education will be conducted online in many regions of the provinces of Elborz, Kum, Isfahan, Khuzestan and Qazvin, including universities.

Air Pollution


Exhaust gases from old model vehicles and widely used motorcycles are also among the factors that increase airpollution in Tehran. For this reason, schools are frequently vacationed in Tehran, which is stated to be among the top 3 cities in the world’s airpollution ranking.

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