Ahmet Kural Had Surgery

Famous actor Ahmet Kural had surgery due to osteoid osteomeoma bone tumor disease.

Famous actress Ahmet Kural, who is preparing for marriage with his lawyer fiancee Cagla Gizem Celik, has been experiencing health questions for a while. Rule had an operation on his waist.

Lasted 5 Hours

The famous actress had osteoid osteoma bone tumor surgery, which lasted about five hours, in a private hospital in Çağlayan the previous day.

It was learned that Kural, who was learned to be in good condition after the operation, was taken to the normal room.

What is Osteoid Osteoma Bone Tumor?

Osteoid osteoma is a benign tumor of bone and constitutes 10% of benign bone tumors. It is more common in the childhood age group. It is 2-3 times more common in men than women. It usually involves long bones (shinbone, femur, arm bones). It is possible to be seen rarely in other bones.

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